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Journal Journal: Natsukashii

*sigh* oh the restriction of society, why can't ppl understand what my girlfriend and I can about our relationship? I mean I love her and she loves me, that's just fact, I believe that like I believe in rocks, they just are, they don't change, call me naive but I really dun think this is naivete, just supreme knowledge, call me a fool but I just can't see this as anything else, this is what I imagined true love to be, when I know precisely what she's thinking, when we can just make eachother as happy as we can be just by being together...god, oh well, welcome to my world, I disabled comments on this one cuz I didn't want shit from ppl who've been "burned before" and want to inform me how women suck, and how my relationship is doomed to failure. It's just that you don't understand, I feel bad you've been hurt, and feel bad I should be so lucky, but ya know, i dun wanna feel bad ok? Just wanna record my thoughts, anyway, that's my day, goddamn Hokie SPA is down as usual...*sigh*

The love of my life and me ^_^
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Journal Journal: so sue me...

So sue but blogging is fun... I like this journal ^_^ time to pick classes for next semester: HIST 2004 Historical Methods COMM 2054 Intro to Film HIST 3654 Arab-Israeli Conflict HUM 2204 The Creative Process ENG 4054 History of the English Language weeeeee~ the funny thing is, those all sound like fun to me XD
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Journal Journal: bleh...

Alright, finally some good grades for a change, hope the quiz I took today comes out the same. *yawn* man am I bored, more like apathetic...I got stuff to do but I dun feel the urge to do it...ah well, best get something done..

Journal Journal: iTunes

I tell ya what, I've been waiting for a Windows vers of iTunes for years now and I was sooo happy when it came out but it's got some strange problems, most notably with my playlist entries all dissappearing, seems to have stopped now that I have the "copy added music to iTunes music folder" unselected, still, minor complaint, the only BIG problem I have (not too big since I use iTunes constantly now), is there's not much room for plugins, no more www.listen-to.com fun for me ;_; and no system-wide hotkey for skip plugin, but it's all worth it for the music store and the amazingly powerful playlists (the reason I wanted it soooo bad when I first played with it on a mac, way back in iTunes 1.0 days, had a mac then XD)

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