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Comment Re:well, duh (Score 1) 433

Read much? My intent was to suggest that student loans provide state legislatures with a convenient, yet unfortunate, pressure valve for solving state budget woes. State employee pensions were just an example of a cost being covered indirectly by the infinite well of student loan dollars, but if it makes you feel better you can think of those dollars being applied to patching potholes, building schools, or any other cost for which states are having difficulty paying (Have you heard? There's a little recession thingy going on where state budgets are not doing so well). In your strange world of reading non-comprehension, does that mean that I am against fixing potholes and building schools?

Comment Re:well, duh (Score 4, Interesting) 433

3) States will disproportionally cut university budgets to solve statewide budget shortfalls, effectively shifting the burden of state indigence to university students (intended?). If a state can't afford pensions for state park employees, the temptation is to plunder university budgets because students will make up the difference with their own debt. So indirectly, students are now paying for pensions of state employees, and the state stays in the black (or less in the red).

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