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Comment Expenses (Score 1) 136

Right now, when I go to the grocery store I bear the cost and risk of travelling. But if the grocery store or more likely a grocery warehouse is sending out autonomous vehicles they have to bear the risk or insure it away. It would involve more people and a lot more traffic on roads.

I have trouble seeing this working in many of the already crowded streets.

Comment Re:Does anyone else think... (Score 1) 230

No, I think people of all ethnic persuasions could have this issue. Bravo for bringing race into it, do you have any particular list of people you want to express outrage for on their behalf? Because no, they can't speak for themselves. This white devil here forgot to check his privilege on the way in, I am so sorry about that.

Comment No Context (Score 1, Insightful) 186

So the context given by the wikipedia article on this guy is: "The appointment sparked controversy among Wikipedia editors due to Geshuri's role enforcing a no-poach agreement between several large tech companies."

So people are a little butt hurt. I don't see what this has to do at all with anything.

Comment Re: If you say your Christian, you are Christian. (Score 2) 229

That is definitely the correct usage. Literally from the Greek:

a-1 + Gnostic.

(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

First attested in 1870; coined by Thomas Huxley. Either from Ancient Greek (agnstos, "ignorant, not knowing") or from a- + Gnostic. Deriving (either way) from Ancient Greek - (a-, "not") + (gignsk, "I know"). (Wiktionary)

I suspect the idea of a middle ground came from the idea of it not being committing fully to disbelief or to belief.

Comment Re: If you say your Christian, you are Christian. (Score 1) 229

Actually I think you are quite correct, the original statement does allow for the label of Christian to be attached by one's self. Another thought: Are you using 'agnostic' to mean a middle ground between atheist and theist, or using it in its proper "lack of knowledge" form to say that we cannot know? Noting that atheism is related to the belief and agnosticism is related to the ability to have knowledge specifically.

Comment Re:If you say your Christian, you are Christian... (Score 0) 229

The Docetists[1] didn't believe that Jesus' body was anything but an illusion, and thus could not be resurrected. Further the Marcion didn't seem to either, quoting [2] "Marcion denied the resurrection of the body, "for flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God", and denied the second coming of Christ to judge the living and the dead, for the good God, being all goodness, does not punish those who reject Him; He simply leaves them to the Demiurge, who will cast them into everlasting fire."

These two are early christian sects, and would have considered themselves Christian. Note that I mention Marcion, because there is some suggestion that later followers did believe, but the earlier seems to not have.



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