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Comment Re:What is a publisher even for? (Score 1) 463

Pretty much. The Rise of DD kills, for some titles, the need for a publisher. Before, you needed them to do QA, to shoulder the costs of manufacturing the game, and to advertise it. Now, you can release on the net for next to nothing, and use viral marketing/demos/etc to get exposure. Not to mention lets plays and the like.

Comment Re:Welcome... (Score 2) 62

You don't need a lot of money to program. But you do need money to higher staff like musicians, artists, game designers, sound techs, actors, mocap, marketing, etc and so forth. Games rose in complexity, and thus, so did budgets. Most indie games don't approach the size, scope, or complexity of such games, so naturally they have a reduced budget.

Comment Re:The Target Wii U market is happy (Score 1) 403

That gets you the gamecube fanbase, not the wii's. The Wii had a unique novelty to it, and got lots of non gamers to buy into it. Nothing about the wii U yet has that same draw to it. It needs it's wii sports/Brain age/ Wii fit game. Something that makes you forget its a game console. I just have no idea what that could be, given the wii u's biggest draw, the touch aspect, is pretty much everywhere these days.

Comment Re:HD transition is rough. (Score 1) 403

There was something of a transition from older games to 3d ones though, given the rise of first 3d cards and then GPUs. Convincing people to throw down hundreds just to play prettier games took quite a while to accomplish. Getting devs to embrace it also was a bit of a chore, as you had competing apis, some proprietary some not, and rapid tech advancement.

Comment Re:Too expensive (Score 1) 403

From the leaks, the next xbox is basically the same or similar hardware tot he ps4, just with a few ms tweaks as opposed to the tweaks sony made for the ps4. If you are hoping for BC, iId count that out unless something is vastly wrong with the leaked info. Kinect seems to be a big part of it though, and I have read they are going for an all in one media center, much in line with their previous e3 offerings.

As for steambox? Rigtht now Valve has to answer how they aren't building another 3DO. The Ouya, with it's yearly refresh, is basically just another google tv or apple tv at this point.

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