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Comment Read the Paper, article is exagerating "Quahtum" (Score 4, Informative) 98

What they actually did if you read the paper is:

1) Encode a 6 or 9 image into 2 numbers, based on the number of excess pixels in the left vs right, and top vs bottom quadrants. From the article: After these preprocessing, the two printed image with standard font can be represented by ~x1= (0:9872;0:1595) for character "6" and ~x2= (0:3544;0:9351) for character "9"

2) Use a training algorithm to find the appropriate pulse sequence to give a up result from the molecule's NMR C13 spectra from a 6, and a down signal from a 9.

3) Run the NMR spectrum, feed in pulses based on the parameters produced from pixels encoded in a vector form like 1), get the result of "up" for a 6 and "down" for a 9.

It's certainly neat experimental NMR work, but I don't really see how it's quantum computing. But then maybe that's the NMR spectroscopist in me talking....

Comment PETA won't be happy until all animals are extinct (Score 5, Informative) 367

PETA don't like animals having any relationship with humans. They put down the vast majority of dogs they recieve rather than re-home them because they think that's more "humane" (and it's cheaper..)

They would rather you killed the camel and used a jeep to travel across the desert.

They are scum, and they won't be happy until there are no animals left on planet Earth except mankind.

Comment Re:Illigal or not? (Score 2) 143

It's never been criminal. But breaching copyright could get you sued by the copyright owner. The new system of warning letters is replacing a proposed "3 strikes" system where you would lose your internet access after 3 warnings, but with no accountability for being accusing of copyright infringement this was a stupid system.

The new one is simply sending warning letters to let people know they have been reported as infringing copyright, and so might want to be careful to avoid being sued in the future.

Comment Chemcially feasible? (Score 1) 144

I can't see those 8 member flat rings being at all chemically feasible. I really don't think this is possible to make as a carbon molecule.

Aromatic rings need to have 6 or 10 electrons in the delocalised orbitals, so an 8 member ring is going to need to have some other elements/groups to be at all stable...

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