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Comment WTF (Score 2) 95

>Chris Vickery, a security researcher at MacKeeper

Are you fucking kidding me?

An article quotes someone who is a "security researcher" for one of the biggest malware companies plaguing macs, and instead of being told to eat every dick on the planet, they're given a link on slashdot so they look somewhat legitimate??? GREAT FUCKING JOB!

Comment Re:Didn't (Score 1, Flamebait) 286

Apple has said from the start that the security on the phone in question was hackable, and that further generations include things like secure enclave that make the only possible means for hacking this particular phone obsolete.

That's why the case was bullshit from the beginning. The FBI could give a fuck about this particular phone, they wanted a precedent on record that Apple had to write custom big brother software (and digitally sign it so it could be installed without wiping the phone, potentially even over the internet), so that future phones that are unhackable would be open to the government to snoop.

Comment Re:Suggestions anyone? (Score 1) 457

That's the same argument that any company at all could make to sell a new model. All the Apple bashers manage to miss this point completely. New versions of hardware and software = better security (most times). Bug fixes, zero-day resolutions, new ideas in hardware like secure enclave, shit gets better as people have ideas on how to secure stuff better.

But lets just pretend that Apple is the only company that ever wants to sell new models of stuff, and is also the only company that ever improves their stuff. Lets also pretend that Apple actually doesn't want to protect your privacy, that they haven't improved their security before this was ever even an issue.

Also lets continue to pretend that Apple was the company that brought this up publically, and not the FBI. The FBI definitely didn't make this case public, hoping that public opinion would make Apple buckle, after Apple filed a motion to keep it quiet and between the courts and the FBI/Apple.

I'm sure you'll say that isn't a good source, that's fine. The NY Times is the quote they use in that article.

Feel free to hate on Apple all you want, but feel free to go fuck yourself too.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 105

Show them you're a better player on the same format then or shut up. Cross-platform for XBox only means PS4, not PC/Mac/Linux.

There were studies done years ago when (I believe) Xbox was originally being developed, it was cross-platform with PC. There are (obvious) differences in control styles, and the PC people just destroyed the console players in every situation. That's why you don't have console/PC cross-platforms now. There are things you simply can't do with Xbox/PS that you can with a mouse/keyboard on PC. It's up to the individual user to decide what they prefer more.

They may very well be superior players on console but suck on PC. You might be a pro gamer on PC but totally blow on console. There's no comparison between the two because there's no valid comparison between the two. Stick a professional swimmer against a professional sprinter on land and I guarantee there's no contest. People are trained for different situations.

Comment Bad idea (Score 1) 94

If 10% of the people run adblockers, most sites just put up a spot asking people to please turn off their ad-blocker.

If 100% of the people have ads blocked, the site needs to find another way to monetize; like charging for access.

I LIKE that old people and computer illiterates allow ads to be shown, it keeps me below the radar.

Comment Re:VPN (Score 1) 153

In the very next sentence after you got that 5 years from, it says you can renew it for free.

Subscription term is for 5 years. At the conclusion of the 5-year term, customers may renew their subscriptions completely free-of-charge by contacting

Comment Re:Reaching a 1.4% Decline in 2019? (Score 2) 247

Think big picture here. Especially with the population always rising, it should be a given that the number of subscribers increases or at least stays the same.

If more people are growing into "pay for cable" age and the total number of subscribers goes down, that's cause to start panicking. A 1% loss turns into millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, and that's a large enough number that shareholders start thinking thoughts that are bad for board members.

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