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Comment It's not just the emails (Score 1) 572

It is the whole package

Her "Charitable" foundation
Her questionable financial supporters
Her claims of doing the people's interest when she is obviously a right wing (republican?)
(I have always insisted that the left wing exists only to do the right wings dirty work)
Her obvious lying, She is a proven bull shit artist of collossal magnatude
Then you add the email crap which (whether or not it was treasonous) was a complete security violation.

Do not distract yourself arguing single components of top secret communications, look at the big picture and the mentality/attitude behind it.
Is this who you want steering the ship?

Submission + - Apple update breaking phone connection?

Grand Facade writes: After a recent software update from Apple, my Andriod File Transfer application has lost it's mind. The app is opening with no android phone connected and tying up my computer. Is this real or do I need a fresh tinfoil hat?

Comment There is a difference (Score 1) 258

Between free market and free for all.

Capitalism only works if you have enough capital on your side.

Free market works until someone gets too big and starts throwing their weight around.

Free market works until someone with more capital comes along and dominates your market.

Capitalism/free market works until you get a lawmaker on your payroll. We passed that point a long time ago!

It has become politically correct to be politically correct, being politically correct has gotten so politically correct that anyone who is not politically correct is arrested, ignored, avoided, or scoffed at as a nutter.

Comment Re:"Big business" doesn't give a fuck. (Score 1) 167

Don't need to read the book, I've seen it. MANY TIMES!

Company is doing fine printing money.
CEO is squeezed out.
New CEO brings in all his buddies.
Company is stripped of its assets.
Company's brain trust flees.
Production is outsourced.
CEO is lauded as a visionary.
The remnants of the company are wrapped up in a bow and sold to competitor.
CEO cashes in a ridiculous bonus on his way out.

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