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Comment Re:Communal car ownership won't happen (Score 1) 357

the cost of owning a car is not the issue.


New construction does not include adequate or sometimes even ANY parking spots.

The city of Portland has been headed this direction for some time, increasing population density and not supporting infrastructure, giving perks to developments near public transportation, and the latest is no supported parking needed for development near the city owned rentabike racks!

They have been stealing money from the gas tax moneys to make the roads narrower and add bike lanes, some streets even give bicycles the right of way.

I have never seen a cop site a bicyclist for any of their many traffic violations, they are given carte blanche


Race baiting, discrimination baiting, and any other form of political masturbating has no place on this site.

This never would have happened under the original ownership, and it makes me sick to see it here.

I have a huge fuck you right here for the person that submitted this article and more so for the person that approved it.

I was not happy when this site was sold off, I am saddened to see it decline to be a tool for political hacks.


Comment They make it sound like (Score 1) 272

There was some organized effort on the part of our eastern brethren to affect the election.

There might have been 2 or 3 drunk teenagers "Hey lets screw with Hillary!"

My take is it is all imaginary and blown out of proportion comments relating to the Donald's joke that the Russkies might be able to supply the missing 30,000 emails.

The Left wing Libtard Media misquoted and twisted this joke to fit their own agenda and ran with it, then others played off that to make their own fraudulent claims.
The more it gets repeated, the more "relevance" it seems to gain. And thus the repeated lie becomes truth.....

This and other fornications of the news has led me to not listen to any of it, because it keeps blowing the needle off my BS detector!

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