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Comment This argument is all BS (Score 1) 199

The real issue is not being talked about.

The issue is service providers wanting to separately monetize something that is currently part of a package. This is just a strategy to increase profits from something they already provide.

I am not paying for partial access to the internet.

I thought is was bad enough when service providers quit hosting newsgroup servers.

Service providers expected profits to go through the roof with the expected increased volume of subscribers, the short sighted bean counters predictions of ginormous profits fell short as usual when demand for bandwidth outpaced the volume of new subscribers, rendering that 20 year old equipment obsolete.

So instead of going after the cause of the high band width usage they are going after the end user because it is easier and more profitable to extract a little from a lot of subscribers than it is to bill the Facebooks and Youtubes of the internet. Then while they are leaching all they can from the subscribers they will double dip by putting the squeeze on big traffic sites to pay up. More $ for less product, its the Corporate way "New and Improved".

Comment It's not just the emails (Score 1) 572

It is the whole package

Her "Charitable" foundation
Her questionable financial supporters
Her claims of doing the people's interest when she is obviously a right wing (republican?)
(I have always insisted that the left wing exists only to do the right wings dirty work)
Her obvious lying, She is a proven bull shit artist of collossal magnatude
Then you add the email crap which (whether or not it was treasonous) was a complete security violation.

Do not distract yourself arguing single components of top secret communications, look at the big picture and the mentality/attitude behind it.
Is this who you want steering the ship?

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