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Comment Re:How ages voted (Score 1) 1592

Well, for about 400 years it ruled 1/4 of the whole planet... There is a reason there is a saying "the sun never sets on the British Empire"...

Well they can have fun with the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, etc. I'm a Canadian with strong ties to England (mother and brother have English passports) and I believe that they have just taken a giant step in their long decline.

Funny you say that it depends "how much of a friend the UK has in the US", considering that people who voted to leave the EU ostensibly did so because they wanted more independence.

Comment Re:So who are the other 176? (Score 2) 288

Rush (or at least their drummer, Neil) has been blunt about their desire to control their music. Not outspoken or inflammatory, but consistent and clear that they don't like music being copied and shared without their consent (and without them receiving a cut, it's not clear which is the biggest issue for them).

I bought several of their albums on vinyl, cassette, and CD over the years, and have been to several of their concerts. I've been a supporter even when they weren't "cool".

Interesting that in some of Neil's books he refers to listening to compilations of music made for him by friends, presumably without the knowledge or enrichment of those artists.

Comment Re:Insurance leeches (Score 1) 209

Even in Canada, with our single-payer healthcare, hearing aids are not normally covered by insurance. Nor are dental or visual issues, which are just as much a part of health as the areas that are covered.

I have trouble believing that it is due to anything other than the established practitioners trying to protect their independence and, not incidentally, their lucrative revenue streams.

Comment Re:I believe this is because diagnosis is importan (Score 1) 209

Part of the cost is the lavish trips that manufacturers give to audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists who sell their products, the kind of exotic vacations where you have a seminar for one morning out of a week-long stay in a tropical resort. (Not taxed as income for the audiologists, either.)

Doctors used to get these, but now it's typically dinner at a nice restaurant in exchange for listening about the latest devices/medications. Audiologists are still at the trough and saying that they aren't being influenced.

Comment Re:I don't know which is more depressing... (Score 1) 340

I agree. The University of Toronto (85,000 students, many in the heart of Toronto) has campus police. The University of British Columbia (60,000 students) has an RCMP detachment on campus (not exactly the same as the university having its own police. As far as I know, no other Canadian university has police.

Comment Re:Sigh. She is NOT an engineer. (Score 1) 370

Clarification: in Canada, engineering students receive an "iron ring" (mine is stainless steel) in a special ceremony when they graduate. No other countries have this tradition, as far as I know. It is also not related to being licensed as a professional engineer (which I have never done).

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 370

You are awfully blasé about an internationally-recognized cancer researcher's reputation and career being damaged by a quote that was taken out of context, and the knee-jerk reactions and witch-hunt that followed. Once the context was established, the cowardly "leaders" of the organizations with which he was associated did nothing to remedy their appalling treatment of him.

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