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Submission + - Vista's Lack of Security: Blame It On Applications (

tobyja writes: "Vista's lack of security could be blamed on third-party applications, apparently. How? "Despite the attempts by malicious types throughout the 'Net, Vista has, at its core, been able to withstand malware attacks. Oddly enough, it turns out the biggest issue facing Vista today on the security front appears to be the various applications that are designed to run on Windows, rather than the OS itself." The article continues with, "No matter how many implementations on security the IE team puts into place, leave it to the malicious minds to use lackluster security in applications outside of Microsoft's control to give Redmond a bad name."
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Submission + - SanDisk's $99 TakeTV to Take On Apple TV (

jackie.jones writes: has the information on SanDisk Sansa TakeTV that's taking on Apple TV in the PC-to-TV multimedia market. It's affordable, too, at only $99. Quote: "The idea behind TakeTV is for you to make it easy to watch your favorite video files (yes, they have to be video-only) and watch them at your leisure on the big screen TV. But unfortunately, that's about all it does, and even then, it's strictly limited to DivX, xVid and MPEG4 video standards. This means you can kiss your home videos goodbye until you convert them to the appropriate format. On top of this, you can't listen to music through your home entertainment setup. TakeTV is only optimized for video, and it's a limiting in that regard.

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