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Comment China or Japan? (Score 1) 73

The Chinese and Japanese can both do a lot of shenigans with their US treasury reserves.

1) Blanket the market and buy as many call options as you can.
2) Announce that your treasury is dumping 100% of it's US treasuries, and you will only take hard assets or Euro as payment.
3)Stock prices now soar on inflation.
4)Exercise all your call options.
5)Blanket the market and buy as many put options as you can.
6)Announce that you have decided not to sell your US treasuries after all as the bids "weren't as high as you expected"
7)Stock prices plunge on deflation.
8)Exercise all your put options.
9) GOTO 1

Comment They should give Shaw some dough (Score 1) 185

They should buy a data center and fill it with D. E. Shaw's special purpose hardware for doing particle simulations: , and instead of proposing grants for new software development, propose grants to keep the data center's queue full of interesting chemical simulations to run.

Comment Re:Rate Cap (Score 1) 319

Marketing campaign I am thinking guy with a bucket or water hose going at a pretty good clip. Some line concerning the need for something high bandwith like downloading the full Lord of the Rings trilogy off of Netflix, then guy clicks the menu option for 4G and some huge dude with a much bigger bucket or hose douses the guy.

Comment Two sides to a trade (Score 1) 446

There are two sides to a trade. By sending a buy signal this raises the stock price, so any sellers coming in right after get the benefit of a higher sale, even though they might not have any new information. It might mess up other day trading bots, but when it comes to stocks buyer beware.

Comment Just post it (Score 1) 440

Just post the source to the public domain. The ACLU will be down their throats in a second if they try to stop you. Make sure to post some research results of the software along with it to make it clearly a documentation of a machine experiment you have conducted, and thus fair use.

If you want to use it as proprietary you are probably up a creek.

Comment Classic chem needs to die.. (Score 1) 408

Classically taught chemistry needs to die. The wrote memorization of odd latin names and electron algebra is worthless. Just go through the periodic table showing the cool properties of the separate elements, demonstrate the types of bonds, classic reactions, useful materials, and then go into computational chemistry.

//Does computational chemistry for a living.
//Never took a college chem course outside of a one semester "Chemistry for the Informed Citizen"

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