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Submission + - Red Light Cameras Unplugged with Longer Yellows (

GovernmentSources writes: A state law that took effect in January made Georgia cities using red light cameras extend the duration of the yellow time by one second. At least seven cities complied, two did not. The cities with longer yellows saw an instant drop of violations of up to 80%, making the cameras unprofitable — so the cameras are now unplugged. Cities that ignored the law saw no benefit. The new law is exposing the safety lie of red light cameras.

Comment Re:Dallas bucks the trend (Score 1) 736

Read the DMN article more closely and ask yourself why the violations went down. From the article:

"City records indicate Dallas has lengthened yellow-light intervals on 12 of its 62 monitored traffic signal."


"Dallas City Hall has idled more than one-fourth of the 62 cameras that monitor busy intersections"

Your presumption, and that of the DMN, which never prints a negative word about cameras, is that the ~15 cameras were idled because they were working too well. The alternative theory is that tickets went down when the yellow went up. *Side note: violations also go down when a camera goes out of service, there's construction at or near a camera intersection or the city/vendor just turn the thing off to goose the "success" numbers -- it's a worthless measurement.)

Did the yellow go up because Dallas City Hall was concerned about safety? Nope. Because they got busted using yellows shorter than allowed under a 2007 Texas law:

A story, by the way, on which the DMN never reported.

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