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Comment's still there, you know (Score 4, Insightful) 255

And he seems to be acting like there used to be some deep integration out there that the walled gardens have shut down. 10 years ago "integration" and "APIs" between sites consisted of a adding a hypertext link on your geocities page to somebody else's geocities page. Maybe you made it flash to stand out.

Comment How to argue against fiction (Score 5, Interesting) 1142

It seems that most creationists are successful in convincing their peers of the faults in the theory of evolution because they are the only source of information on what the theory actually is. They setup a completely outdated or just plain fabricated version of the theory and then argue against that. Which makes them look like they know what they are talking about and makes their arguments convincing to the ignorant. How do you convince people that what they have been taught is completely wrong without insinuating that they or their respected teacher/pastor etc is a complete idiot?

Comment Re:Is a student loan an indicator of education? (Score 1) 630

Your understanding of business seems limited. "Market forces maximize profit and the only way to do that is to reduce what you offer and raise the price" is completely false and will lead to failure.

Efficiency is the key to success. You figure out how to offer more with less resources. You figure out how to cut out middle men. You improve processes. You improve communication. You remove internal roadblocks to your people getting things done. You give your employees better technology, better tools, better training, and find better people. You get extremely introspective about your organization and realize that this process is never done. You push bad employees out the door and treat the good ones well so they stay. You (as a company) never lie to yourself about where you really stand, even if the truth hurts. Because if your data is manipulated or sugar coated your decisions based on that data will be crap.

Above all you do your very best to make sure your corporate culture is creating an environment where what is good for individual employees and what is good for the company align as much as possible. If you can do this (and it can be very difficult) everything else will usually fall into place.

Any company (in this case university) making a good faith effort to accomplish these things will crush any competition that seeks to only "reduce what you offer and raise the price".

I am not a capitalism fanboy by any means. In almost all cases the real world requires regulations to reign in the abusive and irresponsible behavior that free markets can sometimes encourage. But by eliminating market forces you will not create some magically dynamic equilibrium. You will instead greatly increase in the inefficiency of those organizations and reduce the drive to innovate. They will become less dynamic, more bloated, and cost society at large more money per unit of education produced (if such a thing is even quantifiable).

Comment Re:Take it one step further (Score 1) 160

How do you overcome knowledge that is hard coded in your DNA? When you go beyond indoctrination, and start implanting knowledge as base instinct it would likely be near impossible for that being to believe anything that was contrary to that implanted knowledge, much of which would be contradictory or turn out to be just plain wrong. I think your being would be mentally crippled and tragic instead of the glorious super genius you imply they would be. Probably more of a super-rainman then a fully functional member of society capable of any kind of advances.

Comment I had a similar situation with McAfee (Score 1) 151

Though not nearly as bad. I trialled a small business product designed to make managing your AV/Firewall across multiple computers easy via a central web interface. It was all great in concept, except the default configuration for the individual install blocked itself from communicating with the central service. And while managing everything on the web interface was slick, attempting to fix the configuration on the installs without the benefit of that centralized web interface was a huge pain in the ass. Needless to say, that trial didn't convert to a sale.

Comment Bullshit (Score -1, Troll) 418

This is a load of crap. If a book is good I'll read it for hours on end on my iPad without getting distracted. And before I bought my iPad finding good books and acquiring them was a chore so I hardly read more then 1-2 books a year. Now books are as convenient as plopping down in front of the tube, so I read 30+ year. When I finish one it's easy find another excellent book I haven't already read and be reading it in minutes.

Publishers/authors that have been slow to release their content through kindle/ibooks aren't getting any of my money, but those who aren't trying to fight the future are getting plenty of it.

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