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Comment Re:Maybe it's just me.... (Score 1) 88

I doubt that any sensitive satellites go up without the ability to to at least neutralise's sensitive info that may be on them and in such a way that that tampering would be next to imposable. Besides capturing a active satellite is far easier than decommissioned as they are very stable in there orbit. Hubble has been "caught" several times for maintenance over the years

Comment The Unwriten Goal (Score 1) 218

While at Uni doing a management course our lecturer informed us that all companies have the same unwritten goal

World Domination

and at that time only Microsoft was truly in a position where that was even close to being fulfilled. Now with Google i think they may be ahead and are really going for the win I for one welcome our Googly overlords as they "Do no Evil" I feel safe about my future.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 1136

Meanwhile Sagar Island shrinks away from rising oceans.

That to me sounds more like a land erosion problem than rising water levels

Meanwhile a UAB professor claims ocean acidification is yet another measurable effect of climate change.

acidification of oceans is a major carbon sink the amount of CO2 that could be absorbed before anything but very localized effects could be seen is unimaginably large. the statement that the pH could go down by .4 of a unit by the end of the decade is ridiculous the amount of CO2 required to do that to sea water is so large that it is beyond imagining the amount required to change it by another .1 would be more that twice what was required to drop the pH from 8.2 to 8.1

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