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Comment Re:Where do you draw the line? (Score 1) 650

I think you're misunderstanding 'End of Life' - that just means end of support for the operating system and provision of security patches. You can carry on driving your perfecly good Windows XP car for as long as you like - but if suddenly the government decides that all cars must be electric, or (more realistically) a systematic problem is found in XP then Microsoft is telling you that you are out of luck as far as any kind of fix goes.

Comment Re:Why do they need to unlock it? (Score 1) 465

a properly written will IS a legal document with the authority to transfer ownership

Only if the person who wrote the will is actually dead, and that this is the last will and testament that they wrote.

Apple are only asking for actual proof that the grandmother is dead, and that this was her last will. If you hope Apple get sued then it's because you haven't thought it through and don't appreciate the actual facts of the case. IANAL (and clearly neither are you).

Comment Re:Because text size need not be defined by px num (Score 2) 333

What parts of the OS look bad? And what parts of apps that have been written in the last two years? "Bitmap based" doesn't matter if the bitmap is a 1,024 x 1,024 pixel icon.

Well, er yes it does mater if it is bitmap based because only integer multiples of resolutions will look good (which is why that's what Apple did in iOS). If you want to do a 1.33 times scaling, then a bitmap will be horribly interpolated.

Comment Re:Why is this even an issue for the BBC? (Score 1) 102

There is already an HTML5 website - it works fine in safari on the iPhone, so although I can understand the issue if they want a native (java) app for Android, but when all they are doing is searching for videos and then streaming them, what's wrong with them delivering the same one that works on the iPhone?

Comment Re:People must be blind.. (Score 3, Interesting) 498

And now you're just bashing me because you think you disagree with me.

the way patient law should freakin work


You say you want to change the law - that's great - that's what is supposed to happen. What happens when someone else disagrees with whatever you manage to get it changed to? Does that make them wrong? Not necessarily.

Apple are trying to use the law, as it is currently written to maintain what they see is an advantage. People seem to attach some moral / immoral overtone to this but it's no different morally to exercising any other rights or laws. You may think that the law is silly or wrong - and you may be correct - but that doesn't make Apple immoral or evil. Nor does the fact that Apple spends a lot less on R&D than MS - one could argue that MS is immorally wasting their shareholders' money.

Comment Re:People must be blind.. (Score 2, Insightful) 498

Apple's patents on the look and overall design of their iPad are basically null and void.

Says you.

That's what lawsuits are for - if they are really null and void then the lawsuit will sort that out. If the lawsuit comes out in favour of Apple though, then you'll be wrong and you'll need to petition to get the law changed. It's all pretty simple stuff. No need to bash Apple - they are just doing what any sensible company would do if they had the chance.

Comment Re:iPad vs. all Android tablets (Score 1) 584

Why will those numbers be falling?

That's what nobody seems to be explaining - in any other terms than: "You know last year when we told you that 2011 was going to be the year of the Android Tablet (y'know, because of the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, etc. etc.), well actually we meant next year - 2012."

What happens when the 2012 numbers don't support your personal hope/belief system? Will you change your mind on the fundamentals, or will you say "actually we meant 2013"

Comment Re:Not for long? (Score 5, Insightful) 307

Whoah. Tone down on the bitterness man. I wish I had some of your insight into the world - on second thoughts I'm glad I don't.

They've targeted customers who are either spending somebody else's money (mainly the children of the wealthy living off of "daddy's money" or trust funds), those who are financially foolish (people who buy useless gadgets on credit), and those seeking a modern religion (the so-called Apple fanatics)

Yeah - those are the *only* people who buy Apple gadgets. Those millions and millions of foolish people living off daddy's money. Damn them! Damn them to Hell!

This has let them put out sub-par products with pretty horrible limitations,

Yeah, those MacBook Airs are just *rubbish* man. I *totally* can't see why Intel is giving other notebook vendors $100m just to try and come up with a reasonable competitor

but they can still sell them outrageous prices, and coupled with third-world manufacturing it allows them to make a very sizable profit.

obviously Samsung (and by extension Google), Amazon, Motorola, HTC and the rest are *good* companies because the fact that they have to sell their stuff at half the price just to try and get people to buy one and therefore don't make a profit at all means that *their* exploration of third world labour is somehow alright?

TL;DR version: OMFG get off your high horse mr AC anti-apple troll.

Comment Re:Seconded on DBAN. (Score 1) 1016

Seriously, which part of:

Even if I still had IDE hardware, I don't want to wait several weeks to run DBAN on all of them.

did you not understand?

I know nobody reads the articles before commenting, but not reading the first line of the SUMMARY? Are you guys OK with that breathing and walking at the same time thing or do you need some help?

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