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Comment Re:GOTO is useful ... when you have nothing else (Score 1) 600

But there's nothing inherently unreadable about goto. In fact it is really obvious what it does and how it works, and I think a lot of code would be more readable if goto wasn't so demonised. The problem with goto is that it is easy to abuse, you can replace most other constructs (functions, loops, etc...) with creative goto usage and then you end up with unreadable spaghetti code. Using it to break out of a nested loop or to handle an error condition is perfectly fine and more readable than alternatives.

Comment Re: Analysis (Score 2) 99

Personally the way I refer to these sorts of games is "ethical F2P", and that includes titles such as League of Legends and Path of Exile. Anything that you can reasonably play without dropping a cent into. Interestingly these sorts of games tend to do really well (LoL is the biggest earning game, DotA2 is the biggest on Steam, and other games following this model are also doing very well). Turns out that people don't like it when games are obvious cash-grabs.

Comment Re:One reason to support Brexit (Score 1) 359

BS. Lack of security is a fairytale the media has dreamed up to drive ratings. Really, the chance of getting killed or harmed in a terrorist attack is basically zero. People are scared because they see 1-in-a-million events on TV all the time, since that is an easy sell for the news networks, so you are left with a bunch of idiots with a poor understanding of statistics fearing for their life. Western countries are safer now than they have been at any point in history and there is zero reason to trash liberty for more security.

Comment Re:Trump sounds like whatever you want (Score 1) 355

I agree that I think that Trump doesn't care much about social issues, but that is a problem, because Mike Pence (and the Republican congress) do care, and I worry that they will destroy a lot of the progress that's been made and Trump won't lift a finger to stop it. For example I doubt Trump would go out of his way to repeal gay marriage but would he veto a bill prohibiting gay marriage if it is handed to him by congress?

Comment Re:Good News (Score 1) 355

The thing is, unskilled workers don't matter (economically) in the modern world. They can either find service jobs or we need to provide something like UBI to take care of their needs. Automation is reality and will continue to get better and cheaper. Holding it up is only introducing artificial inefficiency in the system. Even China, where labour is still far cheaper than in the West, is increasingly moving towards automation in its factories. The world is in for a massive tidal shift in how it operates economically, and this will likely be accompanied with a massive political shift as well.

Comment Re:It's Alive (Score 1) 140

No it won't because warming is great for the biosphere. Eventually the additional biomass will sequester enough carbon to reduce the CO2 levels to lower levels but that's a process that will likely take millions of years. People really don't seem to understand that global warming isn't a threat to life on Earth, it's not even a threat to human life (we are pretty adaptable). That doesn't mean that the eventual flooding of coastal cities and disruption to the food supply wouldn't be major catastrophe that we should aim to avoid.

Comment Re:This will be a very interesting experiment (Score 1) 320

The manufacturing jobs are never coming back. If companies decide to build factories in America it will be modern and almost entirely automated factories with very few workers (like Tesla's gigafactory). The age of American manufacturing is over for good. The world has changed and we need to move on. Nostalgia won't solve a damn thing.

Comment Re:Man, I hate to defend MS . . . BUT . . . (Score 2) 187

Not sure I'd blame the coach here (though that's probably part of the issue). But as the summary says and several other posters have pointed out: the equipment is owned by the NFL and handed to the coaches at the games. That means little time for the coach to practice using the equipment and no control over it. I also suspect that the software is probably implemented as some abortion of a webapp that runs somewhere in the cloud so that the NFL can keep 100% control over it (and any data that it uses). So some corporate weenie somewhere probably made a decision to guard the precious IP that then hamstrings the final product (would certainly explain inconsistent performance, if network connectivity issues caused operations to take far longer than they should).

That's just speculation on my part of course, but the Surface (Pro) tablets are certainly fast enough that any non-complete-turd software should run plenty fast on them.

Comment Re:He's not wrong. (Score 1) 51

A lot of the problems are pretty similar to when gaming started to take off on mobile too. Initially we had mostly shitty ports/clones from other platforms and control schemes that largely sucked (virtual joystick anyone?). Over time quality has improved and control schemes have been figured out that work well with the touch screen interface to the point that mobile is a pretty good gaming platform (not for everyone but it certainly makes a lot of money).

VR will take some time to really find its footing but I wouldn't bet against it right now. Almost all the devs that I've talked to or watched interviews with are giddy with excitement over working with VR so I think the content will come, and once quality content arrives that will drive the adoption of VR gear by gamers too.

Comment Re:she sounds like a chatbot (Score 2) 145

Far, far more research dollars are already being poured into the machine intelligence side of things. IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others are doing huge amounts of work on that front right now. Having a few small labs doing work on the robotics side is fine. Eventually we will want a human-like interface to human-like machine intelligence (no not for everything but there are many use cases where it makes sense) and having some work done to get us there is good. Even if all it does is just remind us that we can't make it across the uncanny valley yet.

Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 3, Insightful) 275

And nobody claims that global warming is a threat to life on Earth. For the biosphere in general it's probably great. Hell, it's not even a threat to human life on the planet, we are an adaptable species and global warming won't be enough to drive us to extinction. The danger of global warming is to human civilisation as it exists right now - it will cause coastal metropolises to flood and will mess with agriculture in many places. Nobody (who has an actual clue anyway) is worried about the end of the world here but that doesn't mean the consequences cannot be truly catastrophic.

Comment Re:AI could with by cheating with insane micro (Score 1) 173

I'm not sure how insane micro would be cheating, it is simply the computer being better at micro than humans. Knowing the DeepMind team they will be using the same inputs/outputs as the human players so the AI will not be able to actually cheat in any way. And as far as strategy is concerned, do you really think Starcraft strategy is much more advanced than Go strategy? Personally I doubt it (in fact given the frantic nature of Starcraft matches I would rather think that the strategic component would be relatively less developed compared to the centuries of refined Go play). Given then that the DeepMind team recently trounced one of the best human Go players and given the additional advantages in terms of speed and reaction that an AI possesses, I see them succeeding in this challenge rather easily.

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