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Comment Re:This is useless research (Score 1) 83

Why are taxpayer dollars funding research looking for planets that nobody will ever visit and will never make a difference to anyone?

Could say the same about the trillions spent on the military.

That said - it is at least making a difference to people... changing them from live people to dead people... (with apologies to Grant Naylor...)

Comment Re: Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

OK - I'll bite

The latest figues for the UK I can find quickly...

There were 640 Murders / Homicides in Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) in 2011/12 (10.43 per million population). Of these 640 Murders / Homicides, 44 involved a gun or firearm as the main weapon. Gun murders in Britain in 2011/12 represent 6% of the murder cases, (0.72 gun homicides per million population).

Oh... the last mass shooting in the UK was in 2010 by the way...

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