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Comment Re:Is the Catholic church still against condoms? (Score 1) 547

What if your wife contracted it? And STD's are not limited to sexual relations, they are actually blood desieses. Say your wife contracted HIV from a dodgy doctor using a used needle, will your anti-condom use protect you from your own wife? Especially if you sleep with her before anyone has any clue? The answer is no, you fail and you are now HIV+ for thinking STD's are purely sex based & your always safe with your monogamous partner.

Comment Re:Google+ (Score 1) 360

I removed Will Wheton & Felicia Day because they spam your feed harder than Farmville. Happens when only only 2 people you actually know really uses Google+. If I had half of my Facebook friends list on Google+ I would have shut down my Facebook account already.

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