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Comment Hacking ovens? (Score 4, Informative) 228

I modded my almost new dumb oven (2 knobs and indicator light) with cast iron plates about 5 millimeters thick on top and bottom, with some additional rails to quickly remove them if necessary. The heat up process is a bit slower, but overall the oven performs way better than stock one and bakes evenly.
This is thermal mass right over heaters for even roasting/baking.
If I want crust, I just pop on the ventilator in the oven for 10 minutes before done, perfect every time.
As for bread, i pop out the plates, Heat the oven and cast iron pot with lid to 260C, pop in the bread when hot and forget about it for 45 minutes.

If he wants Tech in the oven, well let's see his ideas. At friends house they bought new $INSERT_NAME oven (overpriced around 1500€) with all the bells all over, you can't even expect to turn it on without at least reading 10 pages of the 80 pages long manual. It's super energy saving design takes like 20 minutes to heat up to 200C or ~30 minutes to 250C. For the fun of it we popped in an NTC sensor to see what's going on in heat up and baking process. Nice SLOOOW and steady heat up, then we popped in a roast. Temperature dropped around 40C then heating back up for 16 minutes, overshoot set temperature by 18C, dropped back 21C under set temp and oscillated all the way to the end. All the micro controlling in there failed with REGULAR use.
With that price tag you expect at least steady even temperature, but noooo, $INSERT_NAME decided to screw the customer with poor excuse for an oven, and telling you that you baked your stuff wrong all your life, so they decided to set you straight.
If I wanted to die of waiting I would go to DMV line...

Comment Space is FFA game! (Score 0, Troll) 221

Should i care? NO!

If China is testing their stuff, US goes on alert, if US is testing their stuff anyone else should shut up and poop in their pants??? NO!

Space is Free For All race, any nation has the right to explore, and put satelites into orbit. And if they feel so they can blow them up too. Compaired to all the US junk in orbit, that ESA, China, Russia, India and others have to avoid, plus all the natural space waste that comes to earth at far greater speeds, few blown satelites are really not rendering orbits useless.

And if US is doing something other Countries are not comfortable with (eg space weapons), US expects others to just watch and stand by unprepared? Heck no!

Playing with fire is allways dangerous, and at some point your plan can backfire badly, and space togather with Earth's satelite orbits doesnt belong to one Country on this planet, and sooner world will realise that cooperation brings greater good than semi cold war arms races, the better chances we all have to SURVIVE on this Planet.


Scientists Map Neanderthal Genome 229

goran72 writes "In a development which could reveal the links between modern humans and their prehistoric cousins, scientists said they have mapped a first draft of the Neanderthal genome. Researchers used DNA fragments extracted from three Croatian fossils to map out more than 60 percent of the entire Neanderthal genome by sequencing three billion bases of DNA."

Square Enix To Buy Eidos, Midway Files For Bankruptcy 88

arcticstoat writes to tell us that Square Enix has been revealed as the potential buyer to Eidos, developer of the Tomb Raider franchise. Eidos had been shedding workers and studios in an attempt for financial stability. This comes alongside news that Midway Games is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to stave off creditors while they sort out what's left of their resources. World of Goo publisher Brighter Minds Media also filed for bankruptcy last month. Free Radical, a UK studio recently put in a similar position was snapped up by Crytek, and we discussed news of Sega's financial turmoil as well. It seems that claims from late last year suggesting the games industry may be "recession proof" are quickly being proven wrong, though Kotaku suggests that most of the blame falls on the developers.

Submission + - Inside Factory China ( 1

blackbearnh writes: "China has become the production workhorse of the consumer electronics industry. Almost anything you pick up at a Best Buy first breathed life across the Pacific Ocean. But what is it like to shepherd a product through the design and production process? Andrew "bunnie" Huang has done just that with the Chumby, a new internet appliance. In an interview with O'Reilly Radar, he talks about the logistical and moral issues involved with manufacturing in China, as well as his take on the consumer's right to hack the hardware they purchase."

Comment Re:Decades of research? (Score 1) 287

I'm well aware of Our History. You went back to SHS (State of Slovenes, Croatians and Serbs). Afterwards Kingdom Yugoslavia.
So there is WW II in between, after which Yugoslavia (SFRJ Socialistic Federative Republic Yugoslavia) as such formed and lasted until 1991. Serbia then retained the title Yugoslavia for many years, and slowly desintegrated in those smaller united countries. Remember the war in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro... Top of the Iceberg is this year's Liberation of the Republic of Kosovo, Which is just a bunch of Albanians which settled on Serbian grounds over last decades.

Back on topic... The research they where doing is not accurate enough in the Balcan part of the map. People only in ex YU are so diverse, so there cannot be single Gene poll.

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