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Comment Tnx + provisional summary (Score 1) 191

Tnx to the community for the usefull replies.

For this setup i it is necessary to be able to create virtual network devices, not only virtual machines, openvswitch seems to be only solution for kvm, xen, virtualbox based solutions.

So far the research i've done also based on the comments:
- vmware with vcenter seems like a safe bet
- citrix, xen should be able to deliver the same (but looks like more work?)
- no experience with hyperV?
- proxmox looks promising
- i should also check openstack, openqrm and opennebula

I didn't mention the most likely hardware setup in the posted question:
- probably blades to compute and nas to store (so that storage and compute power can be easily? increased)
> for the open solution: nfs ok, but pnfs looks like a lot of work?

Submission + - Which 100+ users virtualisation solution?

Gonzalez_S writes: Let's say u have a heavy hardware like a blade server or similar and u need to give access to 100+ users to create their own virtual machines and devices (eg. switches, .., ms windows or linux family) in a manageable and secure way.
Which virtualisation solution would u choose?
There are vmware, xen, kvm, .. based solutions, but which one would u prefer and why?
The solution should must be stable, manageable, scriptable and preferably have ldap integration.
The context in this case is also to setup a playground for IT students, next to hosting production servers on the same system.

Submission + - Europe Commission launches $12 billion chip support campaign (eetimes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Neelie Kroes, European Commission vice president responsible for the digital economy, wants to use 5 billion euros of European Union tax payers' money together with matching funds from the chip industry to recreate European success in semiconductors similar to that of Airbus. Because of its strategic importance to wealth creation Kroes wants Europe to reverse its decline in chip manufacturing and move back up from 10 percent to 20 percent of global production.

Comment Re:Non-existent beast (Score 1) 74

Yes, i agree partially as i am already using this solution from time to time, just using a scanner voor my notes (without a good OCR available unfortunately) The added value of having a digital pen would be to make screencast while using the pen. Maybe i should have added this in the post.

Submission + - Digital Pens on Linux (wikipedia.org)

Gonzalez_S writes: There are many digital pens out there, but none of them seem to work on Linux; unless u combine them with a tablet? I have contacted many vendors (www.lifetrons.ch,www.dane-elec.fr,www.apenusa.com,intellipens.com,..) and only intellipen responded that there is a very limited support for linux. Do any of you know of a digital pen that works fine using Linux on normal paper? Some options to explore are: can the pen work realtime on my pcscreen, can it function as a mouse, can the pen work offline, do i need a tablet (preferable not)? So i would be happy if anyone shares his successtory here, as they seem a great tool..

Submission + - Ready for nanotech brains? IBM's nanotube breakthrough gets us closer Read more (venturebeat.com)

hessian writes: "IBM is announcing today that it has taken the first real steps toward commercial fabrication of carbon nanotubes on top of a silicon chip. The company has made transistors — the basic components of electronic computing — from nanometer-sized tubes of carbon and put 10,000 of them on top of a silicon chip using mainstream manufacturing processes.

“It’s like trying to line up spaghetti, and doing it where the lines are just six nanometers apart,” said Supratik Guha, director of physical sciences at IBM Research and a spokesman for the team that did the work, in an interview with VentureBeat. “The thickness is just one nanometer,” where a nanometer is a billionth of a meter.
Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2012/10/28/are-you-read-for-nanotech-brains-ibm-makes-breakthrough-in-manufacturing-carbon-nanotubes-to-replace-silicon-chips/#qyMJgvRo4wODuXT7.99"


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Deny Hosts, on Steroids? (sourceforge.net) 3

Dan B. writes: "I run the IT at my company and recently — well, over the last couple of years — the level and sophistication of cyber attacks being levelled at our systems has gotten so bad I'm almost daily having to check various logs for new threats. I've got things like Deny Hosts helping to ban brute force attacks on services like SSH, but more recently I'm getting a lot of CRAM-MD5 authentication errors on the extrnal IMAP server. I've started adding persistent attack IPs to our firewall rules, but it is a real chore and so repetitive!

Does any one of my fellow nerds have a simple and open solution that can work in much the same was as Deny Hosts (checking fail messages in logs) and update a firewall level 'deny' list with a remote IP address and internal port to be blocked?"

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