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Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 385

The fix is very easy.

When you next need to replace your phone, ask yourself the following questions
1. What do I need to actually do with it.
2. Is it a device or a sign?
3. Do I have a few hundred spare $$$ lying around?

If your answers are something like
1. Look cool
2. A sign that I am an amazing person
3. Yes

Then you definitely want an iPhone. The lack of a socket will increase the effect for questions 1 and 2. If, however, your answers more resembles
1. Make phone calls, listen to music, use a tiny pocket computer to do stuff
3. OMG no

then an iPhone is not your best option. What you do get depends on just how enthusiastically you said no to question 4./p.

Comment Re: Republic vs democracy???? (Score 1) 246

I wish these gun fearing freaks...

If you mean people trained how to use firearms when in uniform and consider the idea of armed civilians worrying, you have my attention.

would go establish their own country.

Australia is a lot bigger than the US. The UK has been around a lot longer.

It wouldn't last long of course. It'd be too easy to invade with an unarmed population too fearful to stand up for themselves anyway.

People have been trying it for a long time now. Our last successful invader was William of Orange in 1689. That is when we got rid of the "Divine Right of Kings" and had a constitutional monarchy. The French and the Germans have tried since and failed. The Soviets thought we would have a revolution and they were wrong too.

A civilian populace arming itself to promote freedom is like a bunch of teenagers stocking up on condoms to promote chastity.
Any violent revolution will have a nasty aftermath against the populace. This has held true since ancient history and still does.

Comment Welcome to the 21st Century! (Score 1) 385

It can be funny to watch people in the USA have "new" concepts forced upon them that the developed world has been using for over a decade.

Smart cards, that is what they are called, are unpowered. They do not do anything unless they are brought close to a reader. Perhaps you have heard of NFC? The N stands for near. When this unpowered card is sitting in your wallet, it is not irradiating your favourite body part. If you keep them in your wallet they will not work because a reader won't be able to make sense of multiple replies at once.

I think I have 5 smart cards on me. A debit card, a credit card and a debit card that is linked to my Vodafone account and 2 work ones hanging round my neck.This is neither new or particularly advanced. I know that I could get them onto my phone so that I didn't need to carry them but they are secure and convenient enough at present. My phone is powered and so might be readable at a greater distance. That is not something I currently need.

As for the people who got rid of all their plastic and unwanted signs of modernity, consider the fact that the CIA, NSA, FBI or whatever other criminal groups you are shying away from could satellite track you. GPS bugs are pretty small and easy to hide nowadays. Or perhaps you are of no interest to them and you have opted for an unnecessarily less easy lifestyle - or is your first name Theodore?

Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 254

It's not so much where they were founded and where their largest user base is

Well yes, yes it is.

It is not apparent how you have arrived at this unlikely conclusion. Please enlighten me.

Anything that is manufactured in a factory under the supervision of the Chinese communist party and all its experts is, by definition, unfit for secure use - military or otherwise - in the USA or anywhere else. South Korea, although not much more secure than the US, Canada or the UK, for example, is still on "our side".

Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 254

And I would imagine that it also helps that Apple is the only U.S.-based cellphone manufacturer.

Samsungs are made by an ally - South Korea. iPhones are made in China. That sounds like a pretty clear cut case for avoiding the latter.

It's not so much where they were founded and where their largest user base is. It is about the actual security of devices made by a company under the ever watchful eye of the communist party.

Comment Re: A question of definitions? (Score 1) 165

You are authorised to log into the computer using the account(s) you have been issued. You are not authorised to log in using a password belonging to the CEO or the janitor. The use of any other credentials is not authorised and so be prepared for a discussion with police, Feds or some sort of spook if you do.

Comment Re:The magic algorithm (Score 1) 43

...basically you're shouting at psychopaths...

Psychopaths and sociopaths are not the same thing. FB falls into the latter group.

A psychopath gets pleasure from causing you pain - physical, emotional, financial or whatever.

A sociopath just does not give a s%&t what happens to you as long as they get what they want. They do not get pleasure from hurting you but they are not worried by it and are ready for that at any time.

FB does not specifically intend to spread your privacy from here to Antarctica but, if they can increase their bottom line by doing so, they don't seem to have a problem with it.

Organisations who feel it is their specific task to destroy your privacy and feel satisfaction for having done so even when it of no specific benefit to them better fit the "psycho" description. They also exist.

Comment Re:Cute (Score 1) 634

The Bremain campaign wasn't any better...

Perhaps you are referring to "Project Fear" which is when every time someone gave out information that the Brexiters didn't like they pretended it was just a scare tactic.

Now we have been blocked from our, and our childrens, future prosperity by 37.4% of the electorate. If someone tried to declare a strike based on this ballot, they would be in court fast!

Comment Re:This was preventable Chancellor Merkel (Score 1) 693

All the British want is control of their borders

No. What meany older people in southern Britain wanted to stop people with brown skin fleeing here. Trashing the economy seemed like a good way of removing the incentive.

They are a nation after all.

We will probably not remain so. The SNP has already said that another separation referendum is appropriate. Since the EU was one of the winning factors last time, I am not confident. Will Wales and Ulster ignore this?

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