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Comment I was never encouraged to take up programming. (Score 1) 370

I was born in the 70s. I was never encouraged to get into computers as a hobby or as a career path. It was an unusual choice of hobbies and set me apart from my peers. I am a man.

When I was younger, it was fun. When I was older, I was able to read job listings and salary ranges. There was no gender angle, pro or con.

Comment Re:Taxes = theft (Score 4, Insightful) 579

You don't use gas, water, electric, telephone, or internet connections? Those were all built and regulated with taxes.

Work for a company, ever? That company was built from a civilization that benefited from government and the taxes it uses for those purposes.

Live in a house you didn't build from lumber you cut yourself with an axe you made yourself from a rock and a stick? You benefited from government and taxes other people paid into it in numerous ways.

Ever walk on a road you didn't clear yourself? Taxes. Government.

You're a trolling idiot, or gloriously naive. Governments are hugely wasteful and corrupt, but it's better than anarchy.

Comment Stupidest rant ever. (Score 1) 729

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of PC resellers who assemble, test, and ship the completed PC to you. You choose what kind of PC you want with the parts you want (usually from a few templates, like Office PC, Gaming PC, etc., with a few choices for upgrades) and you pay a relatively small uptick in price for this service, like 20%. For someone who doesn't want to (or can't because of sausage fingers) assemble their own PC, it's a legitimate choice that many companies and consumers make.

Comment Re: Women.... (Score 1) 499

Yeah, work smarter, not harder. Bleach once a week, toilet duck once a month. Scrub for like 30 seconds once it has sit for like 10 minutes.

Same with the shower. Spray it with that daily shower stuff, takes a minute. Throw a little bleach in there once in a while (not at the same time), then rinse it out. Then a quick 5-minute scrub before your shower once a month is all it takes to maintain it unless you're waffle stomping in there.

Comment Re:people want cheap (Score 5, Informative) 231

We have three tablets for the two of us. One in the kitchen for recipes, and a personal one for us to use around the house.

I often hang out on the couch and listen to music while I read e-comics, browse Reddit or Imgur, or use the tablet to look up IMDB entries. A laptop is just cumbersome and hot in those circumstances. An 8" tablet like my Samsung (1600p, beautiful display) is perfect, easy to read -- easier to read than a 4" phone screen. Laptop too big, phone too small.

Also works fine in the bathroom. Easier to read than a phone.

I have a crappy Nook HD for recipes and music selection in the kitchen -- it's a lot more portable than a laptop, fits everywhere, lasts a week or more on a charge just sitting there, and I don't have to worry about getting anything in a keyboard or using a mouse or crappy touch pad. Laptop too big, phone too small.

I was skeptical about getting a tablet, but for us they've worked out great in these scenarios.

Everyone has different needs.

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