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Journal Journal: Gomer's adventures with Warcraft 3 and WineX

So i decided to buy a WineX subscription yesterday from TransGaming. I could have used the CVS version with Gentoo but I didn't want to screw around with copy protection, installation hassles and no cd cracks.

1. Installed Warcraft 3 and tried running the game. I received a bunch of errors. Did a little research and found out that Warcraft 3's copy protection, WineX, and my Pioneer DVD drive don't work together. No problem, I'll just stick the cd in my Plextor CD-RW drive.

2. Switched the cd to my Plextor drive and tried running the game again. Received the same bunch of errors. Appearently my Plextor drive also doesn't work well with WineX and copy protection. No problem at all! I'll just use a no cd crack.

3. Patched the game and used the no cd crack. Now the game starts but freezes on the intro menu. Apparently my Santa Cruz sound card drivers, OSS and WineX don't work well together. No problem! I'll just use alsa, whatever that is.

4. Apparently WineX and alsa don't work together at all yet. Oh well, back to Windows for my games. Maybe everything will work one of these days. I'll just consider my subscription payment a donation.

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