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Comment Re:Pre-ordering (Score 1) 223

That's a good plan for most games. Just like binging on entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix where you get to skip commercials and don't have to wait a week to see how a cliffhanger resolves.

The downside is you aren't part of the conversation at the time of release. Like following sports, there is social currency value in playing at release time. For popular multi-player titles, waiting means you might miss out on the peak crowds, and the fun of discovering things on your own before all the walk-throughs, builds, maps, and cheats are posted online. Your friends may have moved on just as you're getting into a game and looking for a group.

Just playing devil's advocate here. For the most part I do as you describe and wait for a 75% off Steam sale on an already discounted price. It's great to pay $5 to play a game that released at $60 the previous year.

Comment Re:How to handle crazy (Score 1) 556

I share the sentiment. I work and am friends with people representing Abrahamic religions in many forms and variations, as well as atheists and agnostics, with varying levels of devoutness. I respect them all and treat them everyone professionally. Since God can neither be proved nor disproved, what's the point in getting upset or upsetting others?

Comment Re:It is simple (Score 1) 755

I contend that anyone who achieves true objectivity on this issue will opt for agnosticism and just leave the debate behind.

I agree. With the tools and evidence available to us we simply can't know either way. People really struggle accepting this uncertainty. But it gets easier as you age.

Comment Re:Why not train? (Score 1) 308

Good post. Wish I had mod points.

Bottom line: If they don't maintain the same standards as regular soldiers they will not be seen as soldiers by the larger force.

Some occupations get no respect (on the hooah scale) regardless of their adherence to military standards. Musicians and cooks come to mind. Yet they are still seen as soldiers because they take the same APFT, fire at the same ranges, and compete for promotion the same way as everyone else.

Credibility is important in the military. If cyber warriors are really needed in uniform then they need to qualify to wear that uniform. Otherwise just make them DoD civilians or NSA techs.

Comment Re:Tasks in the military can be limited (Score 1) 299

You're right, it likely wouldn't have come up. Like I said, I'll take your word for it on your reasons for leaving.

Yes, I knew very resourceful and crafty individuals at DLI, especially in the difficult category 4 languages like Mandarin. Some of the best people I've met in my life. The best of the best were also great soldiers who fulfilled their oaths before moving on to other careers.

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