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China's Nine-Day Traffic Jam Tops 62 Miles 198

A traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet expressway has now entered its ninth day and has grown to over 62 miles in length. This mother-of-all delays has even spawned its own micro-economy of local merchants selling water and food at inflated prices to stranded drivers. Can you imagine how infuriating it must be to see someone leave their blinker on for 9 days?

Day of Silence On the Internet 276

A number of readers sent in stories about Net radio going dark for a day. Not all of it, but according to the Globe and Mail at least 45 stations representing thousands of channels. The stations are protesting a ruling establishing royalty rates that will put most of them out of business on July 15. "The ruling... is expected to cost large webcasters such as Yahoo and Real Networks millions of dollars, drive smaller websites like Pandora.com and Live365.com out of business and leave a large chunk of the 72 million Net radio listeners in the dark." SaveNetRadio has a page where US residents can locate their senators and representatives to call them today.

Submission + - Independent music, Apple, and the RIAA (theflashbulb.net)

regular_gonzalez writes: "Indie electronic artist Benn Jordan's unique take on piracy, iTunes, and the RIAA as someone both in the industry but an outsider to the RIAA.

How can they sue you for $750 for downloading a digital song that's sold to retailers for less than $0.70? I have yet to hear the answer to that question. So naturally, I think to myself: "Hey! I own a record label! How can I get involved in this profit party?". Oh, RIAA is a private club. Small businesses don't seem to be allowed. So does this mean that if I sign with a major label I'll get my fair share of these lawsuits battling the theft of my material? Nope. Artists are only compensated for post-recoup sales. 0% of this lawsuit money is trickled down to the artist. So basically, if you're not one of these companies, you can't win.
He goes on to explain why iTunes isn't the answer and about possible solutions for indie artists and labels."


Submission + - AMD's Radeon HD 2900 XT put through the paces

J. Dzhugashvili writes: The folks at The Tech Report have whipped up a detailed expose of the new AMD Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card's architecture and features, with plenty of benchmarks to boot. While the card dazzles with 320 stream processors, a 512-bit memory bus, and oodles of memory bandwidth, its performance and power consumption seem disappointing in the face of Nvidia's six-month-old GeForce 8800 graphics cards.

Submission + - Why Microsoft Won't List Patent Violations

BlueOni0n writes: "Earlier today, Microsoft announced it will begin actively seeking reparations for patent infringement by Linux and the Open Source Community in general. One opinion on this issues is that it's fear of having these IP-infringement claims debunked or challenged that's keeping Microsoft from publishing these 235 alleged infringements to the public — and instead waiting until the OS community comes to the bargaining table. But a more optimistic thought is that Microsoft is afraid to list these violations not because it's afraid they're false but because it knows they can be worked-around by the open-source community — leaving Microsoft high & dry without any leverage at all."
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA Defends "Expert", says "everyone

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "Arguing that "everyone in his field proceeds the same way that he did", and that "there is no other way to do what he did" (pdf), the RIAA opposes Ms. Lindor's motion to exclude the testimony of Dr. Doug Jacobson at trial based on Dr. Jacobson's deposition testimony in which he admitted that neither his work, nor that of MediaSentry, upon which he relied, had any of the ordinary indicia of "reliability" required of expert testimony in federal court."

Submission + - Gov't requests sex offender data from MySpace

athloi writes: "Attorney generals from seven states sent a letter to MySpace.com on Monday, asking the social networking site to provide the names of registered sex offenders who use the site.

While no one wants to defend sex offenders, this could lead to account signups that require real identification so the provider is not subjected to subpoenas for sex offenders on a regular basis."

Submission + - Lackner's Air Capture of CO2 Demonstrated

mdsolar writes: "The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that an Arizona company, Global Research Technologies has announce the building of Klaus Lackner's carbon capture tower. The sorbent is apparently not lye but a proprietary process. DOE has been looking at CO2 capture from flu gas but this is capture directly from the atmosphere. Direct capture is putting the genie back in the bottle if it can be done more efficiently than plants do it. At 3 meters tall and pulling 18 kg of CO2 a year, this does not sound like a replacement for the good old tree yet but perhaps they'll improve."
User Journal

Submission + - Medical Marijuana - Is It For Real?

blue234 writes: "The humble little cannabis sativa plant is the center of one of the hottest issues between politics, religion, and medicine in all of history. Amidst all of the controversy and regardless of where they stand on the issue, medical professionals must find themselves curious about it. Is marijuana the miracle drug it is purported to be in some circles, or is this a lot of media hype? And likewise, is marijuana the dangerous, addicting road to drug-addled debauchery that the moral crusaders would have us believe, or is that, too, a lot of hype? The claims about the medical benefits of marijuana, if all true, would instantly make it one of the most versatile drugs in history. So far, researches have proposed that it could treat Alzheimer's disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, dystonia, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, gliomas, hepatitis C, hypertension, incontinence, osteoporosis, pruritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea, and Tourette's syndrome. The reports of new finding pour in every day. The latest claim is that cannabis extracts may shrink brain tumors and other cranial cancers by blocking the growth of the blood vessels which feed them. Read the full article."

Feed Chimpanzees Are Actually Three Distinct Groups, Gene Study Shows (sciencedaily.com)

The largest study to date of genetic variation among chimpanzees has found that the traditional, geography-based sorting of chimps into three populations -- western, central and eastern -- is underpinned by significant genetic differences, two to three times greater than the variation between the most different human populations. This has important implications for conservation.

Submission + - Wolfpack Stands Up to RIAA; NC State Says "No&

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The Technician Online at North Carolina State Unversity reports that its Director of Student Legal Services, Pam Gerace, has advised students to remain anonymous, and has indicated her office's willingness to challenge the RIAA's subpoenas. What is more, the newspaper urges students to take Ms. Gerace up on her offer. The fighting spirit of Jimmy Valvano lives on."

Feed Additional Genetic Risk Factors For Crohn's Disease Identified (sciencedaily.com)

An international research team has identified several novel genetic variations associated with the risk of Crohn's disease. One of the identified genes establishes a role for autophagy, a previously unsuspected biological pathway, in Crohn's disease pathology, and the report documents functional studies which establish that this gene is integral to immune responses to intestinal bacteria.

Submission + - Experiment Confirms Relativity Claims

scubamage writes: "On the 14th of April, Stanford University scientists announced the completion of the experimental phase of Gravity Probe B, a test of Einstein's theory of relativity and gravity. To quote, "One way to think about space-time is as a large fishing net. Left unperturbed and stretched out flat, it is straight and regular. But the minute one puts a weight into the net, everything bends to support that weight. A weight that was spinning would wreak even more havoc with the net, twisting it as it spun. The mass-energy of the planet earth represents a "weight" in our net of space-time, and the daily revolutions of the earth, according to Einstein's theory, represent a twisting of local space-time. GP-B will search for this twisting effect, which has never before been measured." The tests so far have shown that Einstein was correct at least in the fact that there is a distortion. The actual drag created on time space is still being calculated. The stanford article can be found here. The official press release in PDF format can be found here."

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