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Comment Re:Bad Idea, but that's what Germany is up to now. (Score 1) 65

The correct way to do this is with a heads-up display. Projecting images on the road will have all sorts of unintended consequences,
including but not limited to distracting the drivers of oncoming cars ( those people who are so inconsiderately sharing the road
you imagine you "own" ).

While the road projection seems like a dumb idea, some of the other features of these smart lights as shown on their site actually sound really useful, such as intelligently not blinding oncoming traffic by blocking your headlights from projecting light at their faces while still lighting up the rest of the road in front of you.

But that part is not really new, something like that is already in production on many current cars. For example, my VW Golf has "dynamic light assist", which is exactly like that "no blinding" function - the main beam can be left on all the time, and when oncoming traffic is detected via a camera, the main beam is partially masked to avoid blinding: http://en.volkswagen.com/en/in...

Comment Re:Typical Elon Musk bait and switch (Score 2) 174

... according to US tests. In European tests, the Tesla Model S is just a standard car. Here are the Euro NCAP best cars of each class: http://www.euroncap.com/de/bew...

For comparison, here are the numbers for the Model S: http://www.euroncap.com/de/res... and here are the numbers for e.g. a Volvo XC90. http://www.euroncap.com/de/res...

Just look at the numbers, e.g. "safety equipment" Volvo 100% to Tesla 71% or "adult passenger safery" Volvo 97% to Tesla 82%. "Safest car in the history of cars" my ass.

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 186

It will still be years before any driverless car (note that lvl 5 autonomous driving means "no driver needed", i.e. stuff like "summoning your empty car to wherever you are right now") can handle a situation like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?... - this is not just about detecting lanes and checking GPS data, the car would need to actually detect that there is a traffic cop actively regulating the traffic and then understand hand signs. Since it would be a bit silly to expect the car to be able to do that, we would need a completely new traffic control infrastructure (i.e. transmitters everywhere - and I mean everywhere, even non main roads) to send information to and from autonomous cars. Or what if this happens and the map data has not been updated yet, will all autonomous cars then drive right into whatever danger lies ahead? http://i.istockimg.com/file_th...

Comment Re:Elon Musk reaction (Score 1) 108

Yup, it shows that Elon Musk apparently is not aware that that "Auto" in "Autobahn" does not mean the same as the "auto" in "autopilot" (German "Auto"="automobile" vs. "auto" as in "automatic"). Just because a word uses the same letters does not mean that, in two different contexts, it means the same thing.

Comment Re:Don't buy a Mac for Specs. (Score 1) 472

I'd hardly call Retina Display merely a cosmetic difference.

I'm not defending the use of old CPU, but the display is a far bigger deal for me.

Well, it's not as if a Retina display is at the forefront of technology these days, either. In the Mac notebook price range, most other manufacturers ship higher resolution displays. Many people just think that "Retina" = "best display on the market", when every standard 3200x1800 notebook display actually beats it in resolution (15" retina=2880x1800, 13" retina=2560x1600).

Comment Worst thing about Amazon right now is the scammers (Score 1) 205

Would not worry that much about Chinese sellers, instead Amazon really needs to sort out their Marketplace and remove all the scammers which pop up recently. It seems to be the New Thing for scammers to put up notebooks/DSLR and other higher price items at prices which go from "very good price" to "omg what a deal", and when someone is dumb enough to fall for such an offer, the scammer tries to handle payment outside Amazon (only to then disappear with the money and the buyer has no Amazon payment protection). If you do not agree to pay outside of Amazon, the item you want to buy suddenly is not available anymore, of course. Sometimes these scammers even use hacked seller accounts. These scam offers ruin any search for items at a normal price because of course only these fake super low prices are shown in the search results. Look e.g. here, this camera normally goes for 3500+ Euro new, see all the "used-very good" results at less than half the price (totally unrealistic prices for this high end DSLR) and the "write to us xxxx@yyyy.de": https://www.amazon.de/gp/offer...

Comment Re:Dangerous and stupid system (Score 1) 485

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Any system designed to detect and respond to vehicles or objects in your path MUST BE ABLE TO DETECT ALL SOLID OBJECTS DIRECTLY IN THE PATH OF ANY PART OF THE CAR, period! To do otherwise is irresponsible, dangerous, and just plain stupid! There have been multiple "accidents" like this already, luckily none had been fatal until this one, but there will be more to come unless Tesla (or, more likely the NTSB, since Tesla is all about denying and covering up flaws and blaming the victims at this point) puts an end to it.

If you're too fricking cheap to put another sensor on the roof, or too focused on "design" to allow it because you think it won't be pretty enough, you are WRONG!

That's why other manufacturers put more sensors on their cars and STILL do not make the same bold claims as Tesla. They know that otherwise stupid people will make stupid decisions. Comparisons of the sensors in the Tesla model S and the Mercedes S class of the same year: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-87qz...

Comment Re:This seems dangerous (Score 1) 482

If you have to be available via phone for your job (e.g. on-call duty) or if you are expecting an important phone call, don't go to a concert or movie or any other place where you would not be able to access your phone without annoying others. Simple as that. Once every five to six weeks, I have a week of on-call duty for our IT department, and it is not that hard to plan ahead and NOT go to a concert or to the cinema or to a fine restaurant where people would consider it rude to answer the phone during that week.

Comment Re: in other news (Score 0) 501

Complain rightfully that Microsoft is being aggressive, belligerent, and ought to stop, or even be sanctioned... but there's no reason to imagine nonsense about the X button, which is doing exactly what its always done: dismiss the window. Whether or not it cancels the action... some times it does, other times it doesn't...it depends. You can't assume it's cancelled and there are countless examples where dismissing a notification window doesn't cancel...

What's more, the notification windows says right in the middle "CLICK HERE TO CHANGE SCHEDULE OR CANCEL THE UPGRADE": http://core0.staticworld.net/i...
So why do people who do not want the upgrade actually read the text and click there? Are they just mindlessly X-ing everything away?

Comment Re:It's already scheduled, not caused by "X" (Score 1, Troll) 564

From what I see, it schedules the upgrade, and you have to opt out by going into some other settings to cancel.

It's not that the "X" activates the upgrade - at that point, it's too late.

Still, it's very shady not to give users an obvious choice on the popup, let alone not making it an "opt in" choice.

All of my machines are running Windows 10... shrugs... at this point, all the bitching is basically all about the point of the matter. Win 10 runs fine on the machines I've installed it on (several laptops, 9 or 10 desktops, some 10+ years old). Unless you have some particularly specific niche software or hardware (that can't run in Win7, therefore, not in Win10, since the drivers are mostly the same), people really shouldn't have too many complaints.

I'd be more concerned if Microsoft was pushing people to Win8 and the crappy fail that was the Metro Start Screen. Win10 dialed it back and makes more sense in the case of a desktop/mobile hybrid OS. Still, the exec who is pushing this sort of tactic needs to be fired ASAP.

True, apparently most users think this is the "we will NOW upgrade your PC" dialogue box and just close it to cancel the upgrade. But instead, this is the " We have SCHEDULED your upgrade, and here you can change some options about the schedule or start the upgrade right now" box. And closing the dialogue does nothing about the schedule.

People just seem to click away everything which is put in front of them. If they would actually READ the text, they would see that in the middle of the dialogue, it says "click HERE to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade": http://core0.staticworld.net/i...

But apparently reading text is too hard these days.

Disclaimer: I do not say Microsoft are right in the way they try to distribute this upgrade. But some accusations (like that they changed this dialogue to start the upgrade even though people "X it away") are just stupid. It's just a consequence of them making it a "recommended" update plus the update settings the user himself chose.

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