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Comment Truckers are right, and here's why (Score 4, Insightful) 331

Since there is ambiguity, look at the language used to form the list:

The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, stoing, packing for shipment or distribution of

This is a list of verb forms (present participles) and so "shipment or distribution" (nouns) is a qualifier for "packing" and not additions to the list themselves. So from the context, or pattern, the "or" binds more tightly with the modifiers and not with the list. If the list was intended to include "distributing" or "shipping" it would have added the words in that form.

Comment Very, very dangerous - run away power draw (Score 1) 1010

The school is very, very luck to have stopped this power drain so early. At a rate of 1kW/hr, the car would have drawn 2kW by hour 2, and 10kW after 10 hours. This is very dangerous - to have an energy draw that is accelerating!

Why oh why didn't they design a car that just draw 1kW? You know, as in 3600 kJ/hour? That would be much more sensible.

Having an accelerating power draw - 1kW/hr - is a recipe for disaster. Explosions and stuff.

Comment Re:So what should the family do? (Score 1) 263

I believe that with shields and a structural integrity field you are fine, and of course warp drive will get you out because it is FTL. Below the mundane event horizon, however, and closer towards the singularity, there is the sub-space event horizon and even your warp drive will not help you there.

I have all this on good authority - must be true.

Comment Re:So what should the family do? (Score 1) 263

blackholes are very helpful holding galaxies together

Yes, but the mass of the black hole would equally well hold the galaxy together even if it was more usefully organized - solar systems and planets etc. From the rest of the galaxy's perspective, it doesn't care what's down in the well so longer as there is something. So there is some argument to say that black holes are the least helpful form of matter from our solipsist point of view.

And anyway, isn't it a huge mass of dark matter that actually holds everything together?

Comment Re:So what should the family do? (Score 2) 263

You are forgetting length dilation in the moving frame of reference, and so have it all wrong. Length and time dilation have the same Lorentz transformation factor, so you can either think of it as time moving more slowly for the traveller from the outside viewer, or the distance being shortened from the traveller's perspective. Either way, the traveller could make the trip in 10mins with sufficient velocity/energy, as the original commenter said.

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