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Re:P2P is wasteful  *Friday June 18, 2004 @10:04AM  1
   attached to Q&A With MIT's Nicholas Negroponte
This lawsuit is smart as hell.  *Tuesday August 22, 2000 @11:54AM  3
   attached to AOL Sued for Creating Gnutella
It won't change democracy any more than TV did.  *Tuesday August 22, 2000 @11:44AM  1
   attached to Making Technology Democratic
Re:Napster ruling - something flawed?  *Monday August 07, 2000 @07:17PM  1
   attached to Slashback
Re:Feasible Lunar Energy  *Thursday July 06, 2000 @12:17PM  1
   attached to Could The Moon Power Earth?
Re:It doesn't have to.  *Wednesday July 05, 2000 @02:32PM  1
   attached to Australian Scientists Produce Giant Mutant Mice
Re:My comments on "Open Media"  *Thursday June 22, 2000 @01:59PM  1
   attached to The Rise of Open Media
Pakistan IS a Third World Nation.  *Thursday March 09, 2000 @03:52PM  1
   attached to Social Changes & Internet Access In The Third World
Re:Rather than take up smoking...  *Tuesday February 22, 2000 @09:47AM  1
   attached to Ergonomic Keyboards
Re:Try a friendly lawsuit.  *Wednesday December 29, 1999 @11:48AM  2
   attached to eToys Drops Lawsuit Against eToy
Re:Interference is helpful.  *Thursday December 02, 1999 @12:43PM  1
   attached to Cisco Unveils Amazing New Wireless Plans
Re:Introns = Genetic hard drive.  *Thursday December 02, 1999 @12:57PM  1
   attached to Human Chromosome 22 Mapped
Re:It isn't meant to hit over OUR country.  *Sunday October 03, 1999 @01:09PM  1
   attached to Exoatmospheric Kill Vechicle Test Successful
Re:Polar Lander will be OK.  *Thursday September 23, 1999 @10:43AM  1
   attached to Mars Climate Orbiter AWOL
Re:Hemp makes crappy paper.  *Monday September 27, 1999 @11:09AM  1
   attached to The Rise of Technology / The Fall of Trees?
Re:What I remember from IRC.  *Tuesday September 21, 1999 @09:34AM  2
   attached to Dvorak On Linux And "The Big Time"
Re:The best thing for BO is to become useful.  *Wednesday July 07, 1999 @12:52PM  1
   attached to Back Orifice 2000 on CNN.COM
Re:What happens? Quantum Processors.  *Thursday June 24, 1999 @12:34PM  1
   attached to Bell Labs claims to have found new limit for chip size
Re:Communism is different.  *Monday June 21, 1999 @10:46AM  1
   attached to Metcalfe claims Linux Can't Beat Win2000
Re:Alan Cox probably.  *Wednesday June 16, 1999 @11:21AM  1
Re:Until Merced is release, it is under NDA.  *Wednesday June 16, 1999 @11:17AM  1
   attached to Linux Kernel 2.4 out by this Fall?
Re:Larry the Missionary  *Tuesday June 01, 1999 @02:53PM  1
   attached to Linux Journal interviews Larry Wall
Everyone was either Scottish or English...  *Saturday March 13, 1999 @02:49PM  1
   attached to Review:Wing Commander

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