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Submission + - Is your business still in the age of Excel spreadsheets? (wordpress.com)

strategicapps writes: It is the standard software for any stats and number crunching. Many of us learnt to manipulate data through Excel and it would probably be difficult in most offices to manage without it. It is no surprise that many businesses use Excel spreadsheets to record account data or sales records, but what is surprising is just how many large companies in key data driven industries rely on Excel for detailed data management.

Submission + - UK Government To Build 4G Into Rural Broadband Plans (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: The British Government is discussing a role for 4G in the project to extend rural broadband coverage beyond the reach of fibre. There is £250 million of public money to fill in the gaps left by the £530 Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme — BDUK's efforts to extend fibre have been criticised because despite promises of a competitive process, all the BDUK money has gone to BT. At a meeting with mobile operators today, the Department of Culture Media and Sport hopes to set up a more competitive 4G fill-in effort.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PlayStation Mobile title Life of Pixel take you through gaming history (blogspot.co.uk)

Goffee71 writes: "PlayStation Mobile is a young format for Sony's Vita and certain Android phones, but has produced some corking games from indie developers so far. One game, out next week, could really appeal to old-time gamers.

Life of Pixel is a homage to old-school platforming that takes you across the golden ages of video games. As the titular hero, you explore levels looking for a better life beyond your blocky form.

Can you tie the screens to the console/computer? They are from: Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC2, Nintendo Game Boy and Sinclair (Timex) ZX Spectrum."


Submission + - Google Sunsetting PostRank.com on Tuesday (cmswire.com)

Goffee71 writes: "The last post has blown for PostRank, with the company confirming the "sunsetting" of its popular social media analytics service, which Google brought last June, with users being advised to switch to Google Analytics instead. "I am going to be sick," was one comment at the time of the buyout — sickbags being passed around now."

Comment It could be powered by ants for all users care... (Score 1) 521

It could run on small insects fed on sugar drops and users wouldn't care - so touting it as an Android-powered device seems to be something Amazon is trying to avoid, this is purely a media consumption device... the same goes for the spec, users don't care as long as it feeds them content well. http://www.cmswire.com/cms/mobile/amazons-199-kindle-fire-to-spark-the-tablet-market-012847.php

Comment Looking good for such early code... (Score 1) 538

If it really does work across Intel, ARM, tablet and desktop as seamlessly as the demos show, then I'm sold. I like the low memory usage on older systems and Metro will be a barrel of laughs. Downloading the public developer code when it goes live today (http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-20/microsofts-build-conference-windows-8-blowout-bldwin-012681.php)

Submission + - PS Vita's New Games/Features Rocking GamesCom (blogspot.com)

Goffee71 writes: "Sony's PS Vita seems to have it all; social networking, fun apps and PS3 quality games in the palm of the hand. Users got their first chance to play with it today and, while it won't be released until early 2012 in the west, the momentum is building to make it the major 2012 hardware launch short of a miraculous PS4 or X720 release. Catch all the latest game/app screens and video here."

Comment When the brand-name friendly version hits... (Score 1) 373

... surely all of this is pretty much irrelevant. Google has said they're working on it (http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-20/google-for-business-is-on-the-way-012111.php) so then, unless there really is a Mr. Coca Cola, or Senor Adi Das, things should happen just as they do on Facebook. Of course, making that work in the Circles paradigm might be rather fun.

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