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Comment Re:I for one... (Score 1) 466

Does that logic hold true for home security? Should I do away with locks and alarm systems because all it does is "encourage" people to circumvent these safe guards? DRM serves a similar purpose to locks/alarm systems. It would prevent, or at least discourage, people who don't have the technical savvy to get around it from pirating (most people I know who pirate software are just kids/young adults who don't want to pay for anything).

Comment Re:This Just In (Score 1) 438

It's a pretty big roadblock, I agree; however, all I was trying to do was to provide a reason why space exploration shouldn't be side-lined indefinitely until we solve all the pressing social problems here on Earth. Parenthetically, I've often wondered how feasible a bio-dome type structure would be to support small numbers of colonists. It seems like the moon is a great starter "world" to practice our colonization techniques. PS. Any physicist know how to calculate how many plants in a bio-dome on the moon it would take to generate the oxygen required to sustain one human for one day?

Comment Re:This Just In (Score 1) 438

I think ending the thread of nuclear war is GREAT goal, although unrealistic. Here's the catch in my eyes: no country will disarm themselves unless they are sure no OTHER country has nuclear weapons either. I get the impression it's going to remain that way until some maniac decides to press the big red button.

Comment Re:This Just In (Score 1) 438

I disagree. We have evolved to this point because we are super predators and because we are inherently greedy and self-serving. I don't see that changing any time soon, although I do agree that is a laudable goal. Unfortunately, now we have the technology to wipe out everyone and everything very easily. I believe the threat of a nuclear war is not a matter of if, but when. It is in our best interests as a race to expand beyond this planet so when this does inevitably happen, we can learn from that mistake and try something different on our other worlds.

Comment Re:I propose we Occupy "Occupy" (Score 1) 507

"Worker productivity has increased over the past 30 years..." - Citation? Assuming it's largely in part to technological advances; people didn't just magically become more productive. What's more, "work" is only "worth" as much as someone is willing to compensate you for it. If you don't feel like it's enough, you have the ability to deprive them of your services. Unfortunately, for many professions, there are lots of people willing to do the work - which drives the salaries down.

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