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Comment Great Work! (Score 1) 276

It surely does make eminent sense to teach them how to write malicious software. Formal education is always the first step towards making something boring and dull. Teaching such things in a formal "educational" environment would at least make sure that the budding virus-writers passing out from such places would write low quality viruses that can be easily tackled!

Much like most of today's software!

The Military

Computer Models Find Patterns In Asymmetric Threats 214

The Narrative Fallacy brings us a story about a project by University of Alabama researchers to develop a database capable of anticipating targets for future guerrilla attacks. Quoting Space War: "Adversaries the US currently faces in Iraq rely on surprise and apparent randomness to compensate for their lack of organization, technology, and firepower. 'One way to combat these attacks is to identify trends in the attackers' methods, then use those trends to predict their future actions,' said UA-Huntsville researcher Wes Colley. 'Some trends from these attacks show important day-to-day correlations. If we can draw inferences from those correlations, then we may be able to save lives by heightening awareness of possible events or changing the allocation of our security assets to provide more protection.' Researchers reviewed the behavior signatures of terrorists on 12,000 attacks between 2003 and mid-2007 to calculate relative probabilities of future attacks on various target types."

Microsoft Battles Vista Perception With Prizes 342

LambAndMint writes "In what can only be described as an act of utter desperation to overcome Vista's mostly negative public perception issues, Microsoft has put together an online "Fact or Fiction" quiz about Windows Vista. Every person who submits themselves to Microsoft indoctrination gets a free shirt and the chance to win a $15,000 prize. Some of the supposed 'facts' will make you feel like you're reading a document from an alternate reality. Get ready to get a job as a computer salesman for a mass-market retailer as you go through the quiz."

Submission + - The year's top lousy tech products (yahoo.com)

Blorgo writes: Yahoo has a story on "Top 10 Tech Train Wrecks of 2007" — missed some of my favorites (Zune anyone?) but does have the Xbox360 problems. What did you have trouble with this year?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Shuttleworth: Joint releases to jolt open source (linuxworld.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth has declared more publicity would be generated for open source software if the three large desktop projects of KDE, GNOME, and OpenOffice.org agreed on a common and regular release cycle.

Feed Ionatron building laser guided energy weapons for US Navy (engadget.com)

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

Apparently, the the artillery development budget for the US Navy is bursting at the seams, as the branch is complimenting the myriad of other dazzling weapons that it's collaboratively developing with a LGE-based rendition from Ionatron. The company, which focuses on developing "directed energy weapons," has recently landed a contract just shy of $10 million in order to "fund the development of an advanced Ultra Short Pulse Laser, physics modeling related to laser guided energy requirements, a transportable demonstrator, and effects testing." The firm's website compares its devices to that of "man-made lightning," useful in disabling "people or vehicles that threaten our security." Moreover, it was noted that both lethal and non-lethal versions are available, but we've no idea when this literal lightning in a bottle will end up hitting the test floor (or some poor sap's torso) in Los Alamos.

[Via El Reg]

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Feed 0wning Vista from the boot (theregister.com)

The VBootkit authors speak out

Interview Federico Biancuzzi interviews Nitin and Vipin Kumar, authors of VBootkit, a rootkit that is able to load from Windows Vista boot-sectors. They discuss the "features" of their code, the support of the various versions of Vista, the possibility to place it inside the BIOS (it needs around 1,500 bytes), and the chance to use it to bypass Vista's product activation or avoid DRM.


Submission + - 'Major' Anti-Spam Lawsuit to Be Filed in Virginia

Rick Zeman writes: "According to the Washington Post, a John Doe suit will be filed in U.S. District Court Thursday in spam-unfriendly Alexandria, Virginia on behalf of Project Honey Pot seeking the identity of individuals responsible for harvesting millions of e-mail addresses on behalf of spammers.
From the article: 'The company is filing the suit on behalf of some 20,000 people who use its anti-spam tool. Web site owners use the project's free software to generate pages that feature unique "spam trap" e-mail addresses each time those pages are visited. The software then records the Internet address of the visitor and the date and time of the visit. Because those addresses are never used to sign up for e-mail lists, the software can help investigators draw connections between harvesters and spammers if an address generated by a spam trap or "honey pot" later receives junk e-mail.'"

Submission + - Adobe Flex Goes Open Source

nova_ostrich writes: "Adobe announced tonight that the Flex SDK, its developer-focused tools for building Rich Internet Applications on Flash Player, will be released under the terms Mozilla Public License in the coming year. Along with last year's release of the Flash Player virtual machine, named Tamarin, this project is another huge step towards making Flash an open platform."

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