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Comment Re:Tax planning and rich people (Score 1) 2115

Look, I've heard this a lot but it is just totally wrong. Prices are set by supply and demand.

Look at Exxon Mobil, last year it sold petroleum products for a profit of XX billion dollars. If we lowered corporate taxes, why would Exxon sell petroleum products for any less than it already did? Because the shareholders decided to be kind?

Comment Re:Aurgh (Score 2, Interesting) 66

I used sphinx recently (pocketsphinx) to implement a voice recognition system for a sailboat, allowing quadriplegic sailors to control the boat. Sphinx is a decent voice recognition system but can't match big time commercial products like Google voice or Dragon naturally speaking. This is especially the case if you want recognition of natural speech (instead of the few code words used in my project). Have you considered the microsoft speech API ( ? I don't have any personal experience but I've heard that it is a fairly powerful system.

Comment Re:Will they allow encryption? (Score 1) 342

A few objections

1) All those issues you identify exist with gmail but gmail doesn't block encrypted emails (it just gives you ads for PGP)

2) Your compression argument is bs. The files taking up the most space are going to be music, video and image files, none of which compress very well.

3) How would they know your data is encrypted? Just put it all in an mkv container or something and voilla, it looks like video.

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