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Comment Re:Behavior changes (Score 2) 138

I've been on various SSRIs, and I must add to this that even on the same person some SSRIs have different effects than other SSRIs. The first one I took (I don't remember the name atm) made my situation far worse in the beginning and I was given valium (or another -zepam) to mitigate the sideeffects in the beginning. However, later it turned out that same medication took my bloodpressure through the roof (250/150 instead of 120/80) and changed medication. I have changed medication a few times since. However, the best antidepressant I've added is bupropion, which is not a SSRI.

Comment Re:Put this in perspective (Score 1) 258

Sorry for nitpicking, but: No one is suggesting that the human species will be extinct from seawater rise.

However, there are many indications that the human species will most likely not survive. First of all, and completely off-topic, there is the expected heat-death of the universe. If there are descendants of humans still alive when that becomes immediate, they will most likely no longer be humans due to further evolution. But more on-topic, global heating might itself be a direct cause of extinction if it continues a lot and earth becomes Venus-like. But the most likely cause of extinction is the destruction of ecosystems worldwide, especially oceanic ecosystems at the bottom of the food-chain due to acidification.

Comment Re:AIFF?, Flac!, Lossless in General. & Random (Score 1) 749

I've got the same problem with CRT televisions, less so with monitors. Because of the annoying high-pitched tone coming from them I'm glad they're going the way of the dodo.

I did do a test of which I don't know whether it counts as double blind, with a track in wav and 44.1/16, 48/24, 96/24, and 192/24 flac formats (I think from Linn records as testcase). All from the same high quality master, I played them a number of times in random order, and then checked whether I recognised them correctly. I found that 96/24 was noticably better than the lower rates, but I could not discern any difference between 96/24 and 192/24.

That said, I did do a hearing test a few years ago, which surprisingly told me my hearing was very good for my age (then low thirties). I did suffer from a sudden prolonged bout of tinnitus about seven years ago, and have repeatedly had short episodes of tinnitus after attending metal concerts (before this happened).

Comment Re:Excellent. (Score 3, Interesting) 234

The release of US classified information is illegal everywhere. Otherwise anyone who spied on the US Government while in Paris would be fine.

That's not the case with any of the rules you mentioned.

This sounds like a lot of nonsense. If the release of US classified information is illegal in Paris, that is, according to French law, then you're right with regards to spying in Paris. And it could be, since the US and France are NATO allies. However, that does not make the same true everywhere else. I highly doubt that for example Iran has a similar stance on spying on the US.

That's not to say that anyone who spies on the US government in a country where that's legal is safe. The US has quite a record of extra-legally dealing with people.

In addition, if someone who spies/d on the US government were to enter US territory, it's even more likely the person would be apprehended. The US government likely views itself as having universal jurisdiction where people embarrassing it are concerned, regardless of whether this is in line with international law.

Comment Re:Barcoding the Ballots. (Score 1) 584

In my experience the citizen limitation only applies to national elections, not to local ones. A resident in a city who is a citizen of another country, can vote for the city council in the city, but not in the national elections of the country in which that city is located. However (s)he can vote in the national elections of the country of which (s)he is a citizen, but not in any local elections of that country since (s)he is not a resident there. The exact rules do vary from country to country of course.

Comment Re:not "available for purchase anywhere" (Score 1) 195

$0.99 per mp3 is ridiculously high. If an album has say 10 songs that would mean $9.90 for an album in the low quality mp3 format. You can often find hard copies of albums for that price. For a soft copy (which has no production costs per unit, only production costs for the initial unit), the price should be much lower. I'm thinking along the line of at most $2.00 per album in lossless format (possibly including access to relatively high quality lossy), and low quality lossy (say 128k mp3) available as free preview.

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