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Journal Journal: myths about windowsXP being unstable 1

WinXP (athlon XP 1530 mhz 512mb ram) uptime: 2wks 1day 3hrs 31mins 6secs

that is with heavy almost consistant use everyday.

rumours of winXP being unstable are untrue

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Journal Journal: slashdot modbombing

* Moderation of "I recommend these books" Monday December 09, @10:43PM
* Moderation of "I recommend these books" Monday December 09, @10:45PM
    Moderation of "Re:Egg Troll has $800,000" Monday December 09, @10:47PM
    Moderation of "forgot something" Monday December 09, @10:47PM
    Moderation of "pretty empty article" Monday December 09, @10:49PM
* Moderation of "I recommend these books" Monday December 09, @10:54PM

thank you moderators, hitler would be proud of you!

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Journal Journal: A little bit about me

I live in a major metropolitan city. I work for a well respected fortune-500 company doing programming. My company uses win2k systems and most of our computers have an average uptime of months. I am an advocate of good gui's, which is why I program with visual c++ and visual basic and get more done than I would using hacker-created linux tools. I have a girlfriend who is open to having threesomes and foursomes. I have sex daily.

When I was in highschool I played on the football team and was (and still am) well build. In my spare time I was a hip hop DJ and a small-time actor. When I graduated high school I decided to get into computer science because it seemed like a good field for someone with drive and confidence.

I am currently very successful in life and drive a black audi a4, enjoy going to nightclubs, and of course playing on my many computers.

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Journal Journal: moderation attacks against me

I've notices that alot of my posts lately have been modded down as 'overrated'. I find it impossible that all of my posts are overrated, and whoever is modding all my posts down is excessively gay.

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