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Comment Re:Opposite (Score 1) 440

I was thinking the same thing. I feel I am an above average saver and have zero debt, yet I still think I won't have enough to retire comfortably at 65 at this rate. I can only imagine what those who are neck deep in debt must feel. Although, those who are that deep in debt probably don't think very much so it makes sense they feel they can retire at 59.

Comment Game On! (Score 1) 51

This isn't anything new. I went to a video game exhibit a few years ago at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. The exhibit was called Game On 2.0 It was a history of video games, and had over 500 playable games. Ranging from Pong to Call of Duty. It was a lot of fun if you still don't have the system as all the games were on the real consoles and controllers, not emulation. Some of the PC games were emulated via Dosbox (Doom, Dune 2, Commander Keen etc,) understandably.

Comment Headline (Score 1) 83

Simple English. The headline should read; "On Linux, $550 Radeon R9 Fury performance comparable With $200~350 NVIDIA GPUs".

To imply it "competes" that means it is challenging it, or pushing it's limits. I guess you could say the 350 GPU's compete with the Radeon R9 Fury, but not the other way around as the R9 Fury is providing extremely low performance it is clearly not competing.

/. has really gone downhill in the last year or two. It's sad.

Comment Shrink Caps Lock, increase shift. (Score 1) 698

In Canada, some laptops ship with French/English Keyboards. For some reason, hardware manufactures thought it was ok to shrink the left shift key to half of the normal size. As a touch typist this drives me insane as I end up typing a backslash instead of hitting shift for an uppercase letter. If anything they should use backslash just to the left of the "a" and shrink caps lock and not shift.

Comment What's Cash? (Score 1) 294

I live in Canada and I use debit for EVERYTHING. I will debit a purchase of less than a dollar, seriously. There is no service charge to use it and this way I don't have to have a pile of change in my pocket. It is much easiest to keep track of my purchases as they are all on my online statement. I never carry cash. I use my credit card only for online purchases.

I recently went to the states and I noticed so many people still using cash. However, the bigger surprise was how many people used credit cards to pay for everything! (a beer at the pub, put it on credit) No wonder their financial system was in ruin back in 2008. I used my CC while in the states for the most part to avoid carrying cash. I noticed that they don't use the chip / pin. I was never asked to input my pin for my CC once while in the states. I found this odd. This has been standard in Canada for a few years now.

Comment uuuuuuuuuughh (Score 3, Insightful) 267

ugh, who cares?

It's all a matter of personal preference. That's the beauty of Linux, you can use whatever GUI you want to use. If you don't like it, don't use it and use one of the many other options available. I don't understand this debate. It's even better that at the end of the summary, the guy goes back to KDE even after saying Gnome is better. lol

Comment Dune 2 (Score 1) 277

This game pretty much single handily invented the Real-Time Strategy genre on PC. If it wasn't for Dune 2 game series like Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Starcraft would have never existed.

If a game is still entertaining 20+ years after being released it is a classic in my mind. Some games released today rely so heavily on graphics that they have zero replay value and just aren't that fun to play... but hey they look amazing!!! Dune 2 doesn't have the advanced AI or controls of current RTS games yet it still plays amazingly well for a game released in 1992.

Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 579

Exactly. I wouldn't blame Google for this, the problem lies with the carriers not upgrading their fleet of phones. Android is now 3 major version releases past 4.3. Would you really expect Microsoft to continue to support Windows XP anymore? They don't, unless business is willing to shell out big bucks for added support.

Carriers should really be to blame.

Submission + - More Eye Candy Coming to Windows 10

jones_supa writes: Microsoft is expected to release a new build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview in the very near future, according to their own words. The only build so far to be released to the public is 9841 but the next iteration will likely be in the 9860 class of releases. With this new build, Microsoft has polished up the animations that give the OS a more comprehensive feel. When you open a new window, it flies out on to the screen from the icon and when you minimize it, it collapses back in to the icon on the taskbar. It is a slick animation and if you have used OS X, it is similar to the one used to collapse windows back in to the dock.

Submission + - Killer whales caught on tape speaking dolphin (

sciencehabit writes: Two years ago, scientists showed that dolphins imitate the sounds of whales. Now, it seems, whales have returned the favor. Researchers analyzed the vocal repertoires of 10 captive orcas, three of which lived with bottlenose dolphins and the rest with their own kind. Of the 1551 vocalizations these seven latter orcas made, more than 95% were the typical pulsed calls of killer whales. In contrast, the three orcas that had only dolphins as pals busily whistled and emitted dolphinlike click trains and terminal buzzes, the scientists report in the October issue of The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The findings make orcas one of the few species of animals that, like humans, is capable of vocal learning—a talent considered a key underpinning of language.

Comment Bananas vs Grapes (Score 4, Interesting) 127

When I was in school I worked at a grocery store for 7 years. I never once saw somebody slip on a banana in the produce department. I did however see many people nearly break their necks slipping on grapes. Those things are slippery when stepped on. But then again, it was rare there was just a peel of a banana on the ground verses a whole banana. Grapes are very slippy, that's why you often see carpets on the ground around them in grocery stores.

Comment "Choice" (Score 1) 243

So ISP's want to give the "control" to the consumer, just like cable providers had given the control to subscribers in selecting their channels? And as time goes on the packages just get worse and worse, you mean that type of control? Where they will have "premium" web packages that will include faster response/load times for sites like netflix and youtube, but will conveniently put a related site like Hulu in a separate package. Just so you have to buy two packages.

THAT is definitely the kind of "choice" I want.

The internet should be OPEN for everybody.

Comment I'm not sold yet.... (Score 5, Informative) 471

Currently I see no reason to have a smartwatch, it just seems like an expensive watch that relays notifications from my phone. I have no problem reaching into my pocket to grab my phone when needed. Everything these smartwatches can do, my phone can already do and usually better. This to me just seems like having a pager and a cell phone years ago, is it really necessary? I do see the potential for these devices, I just don't think they are there yet.

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