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Comment Re:Annoying for small projects (Score 1) 168

So what you're saying is a system where people emotionally "invest" without any real information or due diligence, sometimes creates massive failures, is now broken because the inevitable has happened? I'm sure a massively larger population have been ripped off by ebay transactions yet it still thrives with both backers and skeptics. btw, congrats on your successful campaign. Why not just focus on promoting that positive experience.

Comment Re:Normal practice in Corporate America (Score 2) 168

when you're young and broke, $9 million sounds like a lot of money but its not going to give you a very comfortable life for long these days. Middle class now needs a nest egg of about $2-5 million in retirement just to maintain their middle class lifestyle. This company may very well be a sham but I wouldn't assume the folks running this won't be more damaged than enriched.

Comment Re:Help Desk?!? (Score 1) 237

um...yes, worked on plenty of them for several companies - SAP, JD Edwards, etc. and it's not a requirement that they run on a single server - unless you count a custom cobol program running on a mainframe in the 90's but those were staffed with 24/7 "computer operators" who basically managed massive amounts of tape backup libraries. And what you're actually referring to needing is a business continuity plan (BCP) of which disaster recover (DR) is just one part of that plan. So given that, in this story the company should be looking at the "Director" as the next person to be fired for having absolutely no strategy. The Director clearly is incompetent at selecting and managing people. It's highly likely that a small IT shop like this was more concerned about the director's technical skills than his management skills and so this is the price to be paid.

Comment Help Desk?!? (Score 2) 237

This guy had that kind of access, and knowledge for that matter, as a help desk employee? The article is confusing but who puts a sys admin on the help desk with any ability to access all company servers in the first place?

...and I found my answer...a company that is dumb enough to run it's entire business applications from a single server. "Investigators learned that the server controlled the company's production line, warehouse, distribution center and its ability to take orders."

Comment Re:Microsoft's Actual Logic (Score 3, Insightful) 419

um, no. enterprises are still buying new hardware and installing corporate approved images with win7 while they continue to work on win10 deployment plans. enterprises rely on the extended support dates published by MS to drive priorities and planning for massive roll outs like win10. Win10 is not a trivial update due to the new management needs for store, updates, telemetry and privacy settings, third party app updates, user training, etc...

Comment Contact your state representatives (Score 1) 352

No point in bitching about it on /. If you want this changed you need to contact your state legislature. The time change is determined locally. I know my state has put forward elimination but the biggest sticking point it whether the surrounding states will also change since many people work daily across state lines. The latest version had an activation only if a certain number of surrounding states also passed the changes.

Comment Re:variables that affect climate (Score 1) 371

You'll waste your time here trying to convince these loons that the selective data "science" is not settled. Its a religion now. They must operate on unchallenged blind faith. If they choose to be intellectually honest then they know there is no such thing as settled science.

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