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Submission + - A spy saga plays out in Russia's spy it movie worthy? (

Gnuontz writes: Even for a spy thriller, the plot is borderline fantastical.

Two top FSB cyber crime fighters hunt down a group of hackers behind the personal data leaks of some of the Kremlin’s most powerful and mighty.

Rather than arrest them, they take over the organization and put it to their own use. Several months on, the chief cyber detective is outed by his own colleagues at an FSB meeting and escorted out of the room with a bag over his head.

Comment My Thoughts (Score 1) 361

I think that you are on the right track. I wouldnt start them on the A+, rather, I would say to have them get a non micro$loth centric certification like Network +. Encourage them to begin using opensource OS's and learning to make them work. It is my opinion that we aren't the only nation that can no longer afford the Micro$loth Monopoly and claim any sort of fiscal responsability

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