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Comment Re:Firefox? (Score 2) 147

No matter; it was in the article. (blush) "Firefox" "Firefox was back at this year’s Pwn2Own after missing last year, seemingly because the browser would’ve been too easy to hack. Things have changed a little since then, though; Firefox has gained some partial sandboxing capabilities. Two hacking attempts were made against Mozilla’s browser during the contest. Only one succeeded through an integer overflow in Firefox and an uninitialized buffer in the Windows kernel to elevate system privileges."

Comment Please... warming == more energetic weather system (Score 0) 465

I'll take the opportunity to re-state this: Global Warming is an accurate but misleading appellation. Warming a fluid system, such as a planet's atmosphere or water in a pot, results in more, and more vigourous motion. Weather will become more violent. Some places will get colder or wetter. Larger weather systems will mean, at times, more icy air will be swept from the poles into the temperate zones and similarly sweep warmer air to the poles. It will be disastrous and expensive. People who rarely see frost will get heavy snow, like us, today.

Comment Laughably inept, Supported by morons (Score 0) 220

That's not the silliest parliamentary crap:

Here's a YouTube mashup of the speech given in parliament by one of the committee members who considered this amendment to the bill, saying that file-sharing is illegal.

Any file-sharing, as she reads it. The mashup is of National list MP Katrina Shanks ("I think I'm fairly savvy about son's got an iPad") and Miss North Carolina ("I think American education should help the eye-rack and the Asian countries").


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Comment Chrome is a browser for amateurs. (Score 0) 343

Dear Firefox. Don't worry, Chrome is a browser for amateurs. If you're looking for more real estate up top, I'd be quite happy with the address going in the status bar. The status bar that I had to put back in, thanks to the last improvement. I'd actually like the extra real estate. Right now I've got my address bar in with tabs, and it gets squashed to useless. There's still plenty of space in the status -- sorry -- 'add-on' bar. Thanks.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Recovering Flash Memory Files

Gnu Zealand writes: Umm, it's not really a scoop, but a problem for folk wiser than I.

I own an antique Creative Nomad 128MB MP3 player/voice recorder. (Don't laugh, it suits my needs.) At the end of an important meeting I dropped the piece of 5417 and the battery fell out BEFORE I had pressed 'stop'.

Is the file recoverable, (It's not there when I look at the device with restoration.exe) and how?

I guess it'll be missing an EOF tag, so the second part of my question is 'how do I fudge one?'

Your wisdom is eagerly anticipated.

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