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Comment Re:Just leave (Score 1) 594

Obviously not being in one doesn't help your comprehension difficulties. The fact you negotiate yourself IN NO WAY affects a union's LEGALLY MANDATED responsibility to negotiate on your behalf if you work at a union shop. Get rid of that law and I have no problem with not forcing everyone to pay dues but with that law in affect, if you don't want to be in a union, work somewhere that isn't unionized.

Comment Re:Just leave (Score 1) 594

Because I don't want to pay a corrupt bloated bureaucracy that cares about its own perpetuation and political power and doesn't give a flying fuck about me.

Because I can negotiate my own fucking wages.

Because I'm worth what I get paid, and if someone negotiates that higher than I'm being paid more than I'm worth. If someone negotiates that lower then they've cost me money. Neither of these are good.

Because I didn't ask the union to do a fucking thing for me.

Because my employer can't afford those wages so the company is doomed.

Is that enough reasons yet, or do I need to keep going?

Please keep going. Maybe at some point you will address my point about it being MANDATED by law that the union negotiate for you if you work in a union shop. I doubt it since you seem a little upset but go ahead and give it a shot.

Comment Re:Unions (Score 1) 594

Sounds like your union sucks, therefore all unions suck? Maybe you should get more involved in your union.

If unions are great (and some maybe not), the solution is astoundingly simple: MAKE ... THEM ... OPTIONAL ... aka "Right to Work" laws.

I live in Texas. We're right to work, exactly as it should be. I used to live in another state, where I quite literally watched the UAW destroy the town. Family members out of work PERMANENTLY because the union couldn't "negotiate" a "sensible" contract. That auto manufacturer now CEASES TO EXIST. The manufacturer that came in and bought the plants hired many of the workers back, new union contract, things were tough but they too were forced out of town when the "contract negotiations" failed. 100% of those "union protected" jobs are now *gone*. Unions are nothing but self-serving parasites.

Then get rid of the law that says the union has to negotiate for all employees and not just the ones willing to pay the dues. Why should you get the benefits my union dues paid for?

Comment Re:Just leave (Score 1) 594

Why should someone have to switch jobs to avoid the union? Why shouldnt they have the fucking *right* not to have to join the union at a workplace?! How is that not the union interfering in someones private life?!

They have to switch jobs to avoid the union because it was made illegal for a union to only negotiate for its members. It has to negotiate for all employees that are in the same job they are negotiating for. Why should you get the higher wages a union brings(and it does bring them) but not have to help pay for the expense of getting those better wages?

Comment Re:hoarding mentality (Score 1) 177

Just the act of saying that is the reason to delete old email can be construed as obstruction of justice. If a lawyer sometime down the road tries to subpoena the email and discovers the sole reason it is no longer available was to make it unavailable for discovery, he can add obstruction to the list of charges.

Comment Re:Someone with no brain is running NASA (Score 2) 162

Are you sure "excellent" for use on Earth where maintenance can be done equals "excellent" for use on Mars where they can never be touched again? Also, what, if anything, would that layer of silicon do to the traction of the wheels? I'm guessing those "point loads" you mentioned are there for a reason.

Submission + - Why Silicon Valley will hate California's 'right to know' bill (zdnet.com)

An anonymous reader writes: California, home to many Silicon Valley firms like Facebook, Twitter and Google, has introduced a bill that goes above and beyond EU rights for citizens to request data held on them by companies. Trouble is, Silicon Valley will react — likely with full force — and attempt to squash any hopes of this bill being passed.

Submission + - Dark Matter Found? Orbital Experiment Detects Hints (discovery.com)

astroengine writes: A $2 billion particle detector attached to the International Space Station has detected the potential signature of dark matter annihilation in the Cosmos, scientists have announced today. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) was attached to the space station in May 2011 by space shuttle Endeavour — the second-to last shuttle mission to the orbital outpost. Since then, the AMS has been detecting electrons and positrons (the electron’s anti-particle) originating from deep space and assessing their energies. By doing a tally of electrons and positrons, physicists hope the AMS will help to answer one of the most enduring mysteries in science: Does dark matter exist? And today, it looks like the answer is a cautious, yet exciting, yes.

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