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Comment Re:Emulate (Score 1) 233

I was just happy that my professor let me use my TI BA-20 calculator on my last test. I figured it would give me an edge over all the kids using a TI-89. (Yes I did actually use that on my last test, granted it was only college algebra and it was so many years since I've had to use my graphing calculator that I just grabbed what was available as I couldn't find mine.)

Comment Re:Mathematics (Score 1) 198

And to go one further, sometimes your best bet instead of going authentic is to go game worn. I will use baseball for this example (have we covered all the sports yet?) The year before last I wanted to buy a Twins jersey. I had already ordered an Authentic Personalized Jersey which was $250 bucks, but it wouldn't be ready for the season opener. I had a few extra bucks and went into the Twins Pro Shop to look at buying another one off the shelf. For a laugh I went to check the price of game worn jerseys. Turns out I could buy one of the lesser players game worn jerseys for $30 cheaper than buying an authentic jersey. Walked out with a game worn Jon Rauch jersey. Figured even if he left the Twins it would be fun to have a jersey from the tallest player to ever play Major League Baseball.

Comment I am planning on running for office (Score 1) 343

Granted it would be an independent run for a state house seat. I live in a rural part of the state and plan to run as a pure independent. I've begun laying the groundwork for my campaign including web design and planning ways of fundraising and how to get my name out there. I plan on leveraging technology to help me compete in the race, allowing me to be in touch with each and every member of district. I say plan to run throughout my post as I have to collect the necessary signatures for my petition to get on the ballot, and they can only be collected within a short period next year.

Comment Re:My opinion as an umpire... (Score 1) 141

I've always thought Rick at ballparkmagic had a great idea for instant replay and having it so it doesn't affect the length of the game. (there is a lot of discussion and reasoning he puts forth, but I excerpted the basics below. The replay ump watches a monitor constantly, most likely in one of the camera wells or in another place adjacent to the field designated for this purpose. He sees replays of everything, much like the viewers at home. He is concentrating on the game constantly just like all the other umps, only by watching the camera coverage instead of the direct action. He has access to every camera angle (home, visitor, Fox, TBS, scoreboard, etc.), though he probably doesn't need all of them. One good angle is usually enough. After a controversial play, if there's an argument, the manager has the right to ask for a review of the play (politely, of course). The umpire on the field decides whether to allow the appeal. If not allowed, there's no recourse. If allowed, the replay ump's decision is final. If the replay ump sees a potentially game-changing error (like the Mauer foul call or the non-double-play in Anaheim), he would have the responsibility to alert the crew chief immediately that the call was blown and needed to be fixed.

Comment Re:Something I find interesting (Score 1) 403

If you don't mind a bit of a plug for a good radio station (it's from Minnesota Public Radio so no commercials except the occasional fund drive, they stream over the net too) check out The Current ( ) they play around half of those artists.

Submission + - Interview With Julian Assange of Wikileaks

eldavojohn writes: A few months ago, I got in contact with an administrator at Wikileaks named Julian Assange. He agreed to a Slashdot interview and can be reached by e-mailing his first name at if Slashdot wishes to interview him. You can find interviews with him for more information on Wikileaks (and to avoid redundant questions). He has also coauthored a book called Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness, and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier with Suelette Dreyfus that is available for free (gratis) electronically at Project Gutenberg. From Mormans to J.P. Morgan, Wikileaks has been distributing sensitive information (and making Slashdot headlines with it) with the consequences of lawsuits and litigation. I propose the Slashdot editors take him up on his offer for an interview here at Slashdot. Given the recent claims of harassment by the United States government, I would wager we could drum up some good questions.

Comment Re:. . .and the issues are? (Score 1) 572

Well I picked up some Ice Armor Clam Gloves that have leather in the inside of the hand and neoprene on the outside that will allow me to do the swipe with the iphone. I didscovered it completely on accident, up till then I was thinking of following a howto I saw online on how to stich a certain type of thread into your gloves to make it work. Maybe it's just some leather gloves have the right resistance in the leather to simulate skin.

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