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Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

The time delay is not accurate. If you delay and refuse and it takes two hours before you get blood drawn they can extrapolate back, plus, if you ate food and/or didn't stop drinking until a short while before you drove your BAC could rise significantly in that period of time. The only thing you're going to get out of having blood drawn is that they probably won't keep you in jail that night.

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

The BAC level is garbage. At least around here you can get something similar for any level of alcohol in your system, but they talk about that much. Honestly, if you're going to make the BAC so low that 2 drinks can get you, just go zero tolerance. Ohh but wait, then people might not drink and drive... It's really silly to think that someone is going to make increasingly responsible decisions on a drug that makes it harder to make good decisions. It's a whole lot easier to say, "I can't drink, I'm driving." than, "This is my last one." after a couple.

Comment Good move (Score 1) 200

It will open up a lot of new distribution channels for them. You'll see them up front in airports and reputable gas stations and the like. The brand is the main thing that will separate it from GQ type magazines, but you won't be a pervert for picking one up for the plane ride.

Comment How Law Enforcement will ruin this (Score 2) 397

With any of this, there needs to be an absolutely manual override. Software can get hacked or just freak out, and the passenger needs to always have the option to take control of the vehicle, especially on a large scale, like a major bug or hack. I don't see a world where law enforcement isn't going to want a backdoor that shuts down the vehicle or runs some program to pull it over or even drive it to a certain place. This hat is itchy...

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