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Submission + - How is reading different on an electronic gadget?

An anonymous reader writes: How is reading different on a Kindle, a Nook, or an iPhone? The NY Times asked
two writers what they thought.
Joseph Finder, the author
of thrillers, misses the indices compiled by humans and finds it annoying
the way that all of the fonts are the same. Lee Child,
author of the Jack Reacher novels actually likes the simplicity because he can
concentrate on the words themselves. And then there's the issue of monopoly
which must give the authors the willies.

Submission + - Children Using Technology Have Better Lit Skills (

eldavojohn writes: A UK study of three thousand children aged nine to sixteen suggests something that may not come as a shock to geeks: using technology increases a child's core literary skills. As Researcher Obvious put it, "The more forms of communications children use the stronger their core literary skills." And for those of us worried about a world of "tl;dr" and "Y U H8n?" the research claims that 'text speech' does not damage literacy. The biggest shortcoming of this research is that it appears the children graded their own writing in that their methodology was an online survey designed to ask the children which technology they use and then follow up with asking them how well they write to determine which children have better literacy skills.

Submission + - iPhone Privacy Issues (

Ardisson writes: Swiss iPhone developer Nicolas Seriot presented last night a talk on iPhone Privacy in Geneva. He showed how a malicious application could harvest personal data on a non jailbroken iPhone and without using private APIs. It turns out that the email accounts, the keyboard cache content and the wifi connection logs are fully accessible. The talk puts up several recommandations. There is also a demo project on github

Submission + - What do you do when printers cost less than ink? 2

An anonymous reader writes: A family member recently asked me to pick up more ink for her Epson Photo RX 595. Unfortunately, replacing the black and color ink cartridges costs $81.92 + tax at the local store! That so bad that I got a replacement printer that's just as good and spare ink for less. But now I have a useless piece of e-waste that I can't even give away. What can you do with a printer like that? I hate to just throw it away.

Comment Re:My H1-B was rejected. (Score 1) 757

and here's where we might disagree on the distinction. you say he should never have been granted an H1-B visa, I agree, but only on the H1-B part. I don't see why there isn't a fast track for citizenship in cases like this. sounds like he was a productive member of society. i don't see any reason not to increase the ratio of those around here.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 757

I don't care what country someone came from. only what country they belong to now. there isn't a problem with someone leaving their country, becoming a US citizen, and either joining our workforce, or continuing their education before joining the workforce. i don't see a problem with tax dollars assisting with that along with any other citizen. now, spending our tax dollars so a citizen of another country (doesn't matter which) can get a nice mostly free education, and return home to assist with improving their economy at the cost of ours.. that i kinda have a problem with.

Comment Re:I have both... (Score 1) 814

primary mac user here, though i have a vista box, a fedora box in a server role, and a dual boot xp/fedora desktop. i deal in tech support with a variety of OS's, find it comes in handy to have some around at home. i agree that you're more likely to run into a situation where a combination of your computer and a given software title "just won't work" on a mac when dealing with an age gap, but much of that is due to the changes that apple's implemented to try and move in a new direction. If they'd had a bigger share of the market 5-10 years ago, i don't think there would have been quite such a steep cliff. that being said, that issue does arise on windows as well. 10 years prior to the release of vista, win95 was the current OS, try running a win95 app on vista, or an app designed for vista on win95. 10 years prior to now, win98 (the first release) has been out for a year or so. trying to update a pc you bought with win95 to vista would be a long slow, likely fruitless process. with some significant hardware upgrades you 'might' be able to have a usable xp installation on an early win98 pc, but even that's unlikely. the move to 64 bit OS's and apps will make things even more interesting for compatibility. basically. if you want things to work, use recent hardware, recent software, and try not to do anything too outside spec with it, or expect to be supporting yourself (which isn't impossible, but not something john q public's gonna do)

Submission + - Fuel cell boat to commemorate historic voyage on H (

An anonymous reader writes: From the New Clermont website:

"The New Clermont Project was launched in early 2009 by a dedicated group of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Just as Fulton sought to prove the feasibility of steam power to the world, the New Clermont Project aims to prove the viability of green, pollution-free hydrogen fuel cells as a power source.

On Labor Day weekend the New Clermont will set sail and retrace Fulton's famous voyage from New York to Albany. Group members will fit the New Clermont with a unique engine modified to accept power from hydrogen fuel cells.

The New Clermont Project will boost public awareness of clean energy for transportation, and help to celebrate the rich history of New York State and the Hudson River."

The launch happened at first light this morning.


Submission + - Microsoft launches new pre-Windows 7 anti-Linux of (

davidmwilliams writes: "Microsoft has been making steps to educate U.S. retailers that Linux is a limited operating system that works with only few peripherals or online services, and that what most customers want is Windows.

Highlights include the fact that "Windows Live" is a free download for Microsoft Windows but not available for Linux. What I want to know is where is the "one-stop updater" and "license free" checkboxes?"


Submission + - Internet radio exec: don't mention Linux! ( 1

Barence writes: "It might be reliable enough to power their device, but it seems some companies are still a bit reluctant to use the "L word" when talking about their products. Speaking at the launch of the touchscreen Pure Sensia digital radio, director of marketing Colin Crawford was pressed for specifics of the new device's software. But after his CEO reminded him that the new radio was based on a Linux OS, Crawford remarked: "I don't like the using the word 'Linux' on a radio.""

Comment Re:Not good enough. (Score 5, Interesting) 1044

in a different direction. the pictures were discovered by the school administration confiscating one of the male's cellphones. what then gave them the right to go poking around at the data on the phone? if the student was using a phone during class time, i can understand taking it away. but i don't see how that allows an invasion of privacy? what if we were talking about a laptop instead of a cellphone. does the school have the right to go through all that data as well? access to bank information (that some 16-17 year old's could have) going through old emails, etc. with today's cell phone capabilities, in many ways there isn't a difference between what you store on your laptop and your phone.

Comment Re:Really that big deal? (Score 1) 589

yes, it is horrible that you'll have to spend money on your friend due to his procrastination. the important part is understanding that it's that procrastination that's at fault, not the government. I'm not a huge fan of the performance of most government aid programs, but seriously, i have next to no sympathy for anyone that's getting 'left out' here. we're looking at 1 month left until the changeover is coming out, and they're 'starting' to run out of money. this program has been going on all last year at least, and the commercials on this television that your friend is so dependant of have been common since that time, progressively more so as we got closer. When you wait until dinner's wrapping up to get yourself a plate, don't come complaining when all that's left is scraps, or that they're cold.

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