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Submission + - Study Finds Social Media Makes People Anti-Social, Jealous

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: A recent global study conducted by Kasperksy Lab reveals that social media users are interacting less face-to-face than in the past because of this newfound ability to constantly communicate and stay in touch online. In the study, researchers found that about one-third of people communicate less with their parents (31%), partners (23%), children (33%) and friends (35%) because they can simply follow them on social media. This may be doing more harm than good, in a world where editing one’s life to make it appear perfect is more appealing than naturally existing. Many participants made it clear that social media made them jealous of others. Nearly 60% of the participants viewed a friend as having a better life than their own simply by seeing that friend’s social media activity, and almost half were upset after viewing photos from a friend’s happy holiday celebration.

Submission + - CEO's message jolts IT workers facing layoffs (

dcblogs writes: IT workers in the infrastructure team at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) were notified recently of their layoff. They expect to be training replacements from India-based contractor HCL. The layoff affects more than 500 IT workers. But this familiar IT story begins a little differently. A few days before employees were notified in mid-October of their layoff, HCSC CEO Paula Steiner talked about future goals in an internal, company-wide video. Steiner's comments weren't IT-department-specific, but the takeaway quote by one IT employee was this: "As full-time retiring baby boomers move on to their next chapter, the makeup of our organization will consist more of young and non-traditional workers, such as part-time workers or contractors," said Steiner in the video. What Steiner didn't say in the employee broadcast is that some of the baby boomers moving "on to the next chapter" are being pushed out the door. "Obviously not all of us are 'retiring' — a bunch of us are being thrown under the bus," said one older employee.

Comment Re:No. (Score 2) 857

Perhaps a war or a terrorist attack? What are the odds a President Trump would allow free elections to occur?

"My fellow Americans, I am postponing the election to preserve the safety of the citizens until such a time it is safe for the population".

Actually, I wouldn't put it past a President Clinton to do the exact same thing. Why else is she repeatedly blaming Russia for the email hacks and proposing a "no-fly zone" over Syria and Iraq?

I agree that Clinton is a corrupt bitch, but I also think that she would also be potentially DEVASTATING for America.

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 1) 541

You do realize that Linux is also run on servers, right?

Also, many of those servers don't have desktop environments and don't generally have random USB drives attached to them.

SystemD may or may not be suitable for the average laptop/desktop system. It is entirely unsuitable for servers, and I don't see how server operators can allow using it while maintaining relevant privacy and security certifications, particularly in the Medical and Financial sectors.

Comment Re:Because money (Score 1) 270

Sanders voters will bitch and moan and then vote for Hilliary.

I don't know about others, but I won't vote for a lying corporate whore. I'm leaning toward Jill Stein of the Green Party, but I may go back to the Libertarian Party.

Either way, neither Clinton nor Trump has my vote, regardless of my signature line.

Comment Re:That's okay (Score 1) 742

when there's a choice between bad and worse, we have to choose bad.

Not necessarily true. For example, sometimes the fastest way out of a burning building is to just go through the flames.

Although in this case, to continue the burning building analogy, the flames are everywhere, and the building is just about to collapse on top of us.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 3, Interesting) 742

I'm a one-issue voter, and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse.

The funny thing is that I'm also a one-issue voter, but in my case it IS ushering in the apocalypse.

Let's face it; our grand experiment with representative democracy is done. It failed. Let's just burn it to the ground, salt the ashes, and hope the cockroaches do better than we did.

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