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Comment No Different than other studies (Score 0) 271

What we need to remember here is as the brains studied were from samples taken posthumously. Chances are they played 20-30 years ago, back when they'd take each other's heads off without so much as a flag being thrown. What I'd like to know is the incidence in brain disease with the newer, kinder, gentler NFL we see today, with the next generation collision helmets, brain injury prevention rules, etc.

Comment Further Reading (Score 0) 733

A little information from us RC airplane pilot hobbyists: (I own and operate a home-built unmanned drone plane for fun) This sort of flying is called "FPV Flying", for First Person View. You can spend absolutely everything you want to know about it on the FPV boards over on for anyone that's interested: It has been debated legally for several years now, and the bottom line is per the FAA, as long as you are not interfering with actual manned airplanes, there isn't much you're not allowed to do, as long as you obey the controlled airspace laws. For example, you must stay below 400 feet when within 3 miles of an airport. Furthermore, most everyone that flies RC seriously at least knows, and is usually a member of, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). In the last few years, the AMA has been working closely with the FAA to try and put together safety guidelines for unmanned FPV planes and drones. Those guidelines can be found here: On a personal note about the article, I highly doubt these activists were following all the AMA guidelines for FPV flying.

Comment Re:Death becomes acceptable, doesn't it? (Score 0) 170

Yes, those lessons as well, but mainly that as long as we support Israel, radical Muslims will continue to try and do harm to US citizens in any way they can. The only way to prevent that from happening is constant surveillance of terrorist cells in these 3rd world countries. Drones have become a safe, economical way of doing that, like it or not. You can debate whether or not drone strikes are ethical or not, but just remember this. If they had the same tools as us, they'd strap a nuclear warhead on them and blow up New York city and Tel Aviv without blinking an eye.

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