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Comment Netmon (Score 2) 226

While I truly love wireshark, if we're talking microsoft server admin, you might want to think about Microsoft Network Monitor (current ver == 3.4). It does most of what wireshark does but pairs packet streams to windows processes. If you're on an enterprise premier support call with Microsoft, they'll only accept a pcap from netmon.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 148

Better yet, improve relations and economies on both sides of the border

i think he's right ... you know, I wonder how much security we would need if we did things like practice what we preach, swallow our pride every now and then, admin we screwed up when we do? Bad example: (not that Canada is the model country by any stretch) part of the reason we don't *need* a huge military force is because lots of countries *like* us.

Comment Flaimbait? (Score 2, Insightful) 311

A mere 12 MPs now stand between the Canadian public and the MAFIAA's hungry maw

where does the article say that *ALL* conservatives are would vote for this and *all* NDP, Bloc, Green and Liberals would vote against ?

increases the likelihood that the son of C-61 will come to fruition

While it *may* indeed be horrible for DMCA opponents if/when it's drafted, this awful bill doesn't even exist yet and there's been no indication it's on the docket in the near future.

... Given the Conservative Party's historic disregard of public opinion ...

disregard of public opinion on what? DMCA? The economy? the environment? I'm a conservative, a canadian, AND I agree with and suport fair copyright - but c'mon ... this aritlce kinda sounds like flaimbait to me ...

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