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Comment Re:yeah (Score 1) 211

whatever happened to the Java killer? wasn't it called J# or something like that? I think that microsoft needs to fall in line with the rest of the world. lol

It's called C#. It's not killing Java, but it's certainly doing well. And why does one platform have to "kill" another to be successful?

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 257

DRM sucks, but as far as I can tell, Netflix can't exist without it.

Over-the-air broadcast TV exists without it. In higher quality than Netflix. So I'm not seeing the inherent reason why Netflix can't exist without it.

My assumption is that the movie studios require it, or at least require it if Netflix wants to obtain licenses at a reasonable rate. I can be wrong, but I have a strong feeling that the movie studios have a big part in this.

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 257

I haven't looked into it in a while, but if I recall correctly, mono touch is not compatible with monodroid (though surely you can make some reusable libraries). So a mono touch app targets all of the iPhone features, while monodroid targets android features.

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 257

I just clicked the tax site and it said I needed flash (I'm on an iPad). Is there a .net executable somewhere in there? The Netflix thing is a bummer, but it's a case of drm not being compatible with open source, as I see it. DRM sucks, but as far as I can tell, Netflix can't exist without it.

Comment Re:Was Microsoft Riight? (Score 1) 716

What "work" do you do on an Ipad? Watching movies on Itunes?

Spoken like someone that's never actually used an iPad.

I'm not Apple fanboy. The iPad was the first piece of Apple hardware I've owned. I purchased one because I could immediately see places I would use it.

Many many people these days work with portable environments, making limited data entry into web browsers. An iPad with its light weight and long battery life is ideal for those folk.

I own an iPad and love it for what it's good for; consuming content. It's ok for making a quick comment on facebook or something. Other then some niche* work scenarios, the iPad is not very good at producing content. It won't be replacing "normal" computers any time soon.

*example: pharma sales reps, who need to check off items in a check list and collect signatures from doctors before dropping off samples

Comment Re:Was Microsoft Riight? (Score 2) 716

"Anyone whom sells a similar sized piece of glass and plastic with some computer chips will not win"

For now, maybe. Ultimately though, I think HTML 5 (and the web in general) will be what matters in the mobile space, not apps (in the same way web apps are replacing desktop apps). When that happens, it really won't matter whether or not you can connect to iTunes or not. Will there be exceptions? Sure; games for instance will probably need to be native for some time to come.

Comment Re:Why hasn't she gotten used to it? (Score 1) 898

She probably wants a *new* machine because her husband used the budget intended for the new laptop that was supposed to go to her for a new mbp for himself instead. I'm sure he convinced her that hid old Mac was better than any new windows laptop on the market. I can't criticize too much though, I'd probably try the same thing :)

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