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Comment Theory of continental drift (Score 0) 78

Alfred Wegener was working on it for several years and now we want to say "yeah, you were wrong", because some "scientists" have "discovered" "evidence" :)
Alfred's work, bunch of things like soil, minerals, how the continents look etc = theory
Zircon minerals by scientists from Johannesburg = evidence
yeah, sure

Comment Enterprise Desktop Market / Emerging / Demand (Score 4, Interesting) 167

I've asked this question several times but didn't get answer :)

I am running > 250 of Linux desktops at the company and can get even more, but there is no centralized management solutions for that and that's an issue with customization and security too, KDE desktop is very good at some point with it's ability to have strict configuration files and immutable options, that does about 1/4 of what we can get with MS + GPO and we see that a little effort is required to make things work.

Can we expect that RH will enter that market in the nearest (3-4 Y) future?

Comment Re:What is wrong with kde on Fedora? (Score 1) 42

I guess, only issue is when you are running 5.5.4 and suddenly 5.9.2 is released, which is 6.0 beta, maybe this or when you are running 5.5.4 and 6.0 final is release and you have to wait for 4 months for next fedora release, but, usually, KDE is very crappy till X.0.X releases and crappy till X.0.3 releases, kinda

Comment Salt and Quality (Score 1) 206

It's only about two things:
1. RAW formats contain "salt" checksums, algorithm is not known, so you cannot really fake it no matter how did you try, in fact, manufacturer can add one to JPEG's too, but they aren't doing it
2. RAW is MUCH larger than JPEG, probably, JPEG's are enough for them

Comment Distro does not matter, interface matters (Score 1) 346

Mere mortals use interface, they like ubuntu because some ubuntu-only options and free cd's, because it's popular, not because it's opensource or just "good".

So, it's time to think about middleware, improve everything that is common for all distros and improve standard, force every distro to be visually interoperable. Nobody cares about dpkg or rpm, kernel version or canonical. Users care about what they use. They use desktop. They like Gnome? Improve it, make it same everywhere.

Why should I care about Ubuntu or Opensuse if I use Gnome on both? Where's the difference? That's the issue community should resolve and it's going on and on for last 5 years - we've got middleware everywhere - in packaging, sound, KDE, Gnome etc.

I guess Canonical realizes, that one time usability war will come to the end and this time has come. Not it must create something that will force it's old users to use new versions. That's why they are so crazy about Mir and pushing Ubuntu-only software. That's the reason.

Comment Re:CentOS == win 7 of linux (Score 1) 346

RPM is great, at least it's documented very well (where are DPKG docs? it took 18 years to write this bullshit i see?), refreshed, growing, adding functionality, improving usability etc

Yum is not sitting on top of it and it doesn't mother. There is PackageKit, which does anything middleware interface must do - it supports rpm, dpkg, apt, yum etc - that's what is important for you, because YOU ARE loser. You never use dpkg, never building any packages, you just can't compare RPM and dpkg, so, what's your problem? Use GUI and relax.

So far RPM made many HUGE improvements, including deltas, macro improvements, build-dependency automation, format changes, compression, metadata, language bindings, dependency awesomeness, middleware, it's classy and MUCH better than dpkg from technical point of view. Need user point of view? Use GUI and shut up.

So I don't think you have ever gone through RPM or dpkg docs.

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