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Comment Re:This is going to be hilarious. (Score 2) 288

Well, lets see. (Cr)apple makes insanely vastly overpriced, extremely low quality products, and is now being sued by a company that makes insanely vastly overpriced, extremely low quality cables and A/V accessories...if one of them loses and goes out of business, its a win for consumers. The only outcome better than that would be if BOTH could lose and go out of business!!! Both of these companies are committing fraud, somehow getting people to think that high price =quality product, and that owning (insert name of company that makes insanely vastly overpriced, extremely low quality products here) products makes them cool somehow.

People that buy products from companies like this need to wise up and realize that buying products from companies like these only makesthem and idiot (or an IDiot) for paying insanely high prices for the crappiest low quality products available!

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Comment Re:I thought that was Nintendo's failure... (Score 1) 153

The thing is, easy piracy increases console sales.

Maybe in Europe and the 2nd and 3rd world, but not in the US, CA, NZ, AU, UK and Japan. Which...not-surprisingly, are the places with low piracy rates where people are actually willing to buy games.

The thing is, easy piracy increases console sales.

Maybe in Europe and the 2nd and 3rd world, but not in the US, CA, NZ, AU, UK and Japan. Which...not-surprisingly, are the places with low piracy rates where people are actually willing to buy games.

Piracy was rampant on both PlayStation and PlayStation 2 in the UK. This was largely because these generations coincided with the mass commoditisation of CD and then DVD burners in PCs. People may have been willing to buy games. However, willingness and ability are not the same thing. Many gamers had huge collections that they couldn't possibly have acquired legitimately. I can't speak for orher regions but I suspect the same would have been true.

Comment Re:Valve... (Score 2) 105

Plus, even after both games have been out for over three years now, they can still be played, there are still servers for them.

Is it still possible to play FIFA 10 online?

I stopped buying EA Sports games after buying Tiger Woods 11 in mid 2011' only for the online features to be removed before the year was out, presumably to encourage buyers on to Tiger Woods 12. I expect more than 6 months of value from a game.

Comment Re:Definitely NOT FREE (Score 1) 180

They don't offer free tethering because you have to pay for what you consume.

That other companies have the temerity to charge you extra just for the privilege of tethering is a whole other problem. That would be like the water company charging you extra for the privilege of using water to wash with instead of just drinking it.

The fact is, we pay for data plans, unlimited or metered. Either way, it should be ours to do as we wish with! The telcos should not be allowed (should not have any right) to impose on us any kinds of fees or limitations on what we have purchased from them. End of story.

Tethering charges on mobile phones are equivalent to the water company charging you more for attaching a hose to your tap so you can water your garden. Gouging, pure and simple. To those who say "but people watch videos and stuff on their laptops but just check email on their phones", plenty of people watch video on their phones and many only use their laptops for email. Don't make sweeping assumptions about everyone. The logical outcome to this scenario is charging for data usage by app type. Tethering obscures that, so precludes any move to that sort of business model. I paid for a set amount of data, not any consumption velocity or data type restrictions. If I wanted to use my month's allowance in less than an hour by streaming some HD video, then that's my choice. The way it works right now, lots of mobile networks are under-provisioned, meaning that even if I want to spend more money on heavy data usage, they aren't in any position to sell it to me. Don't even get me started on their "unlimited*" (*limited) marketing bullshit. How long can these phone companies and ISPs keep going without providing what their customers actually want?

Comment Re:remember that raise you didn't get? (Score 1) 469

"We live in a global economy, and I would hate to have to revert back to only a local economy." The corporations live in a global economy. The summary talks about criminalising those who work around region codes. Region codes are there specifically to thwart people trying to benefit from a global economy. You will pay the price the corporations want you to pay based on where you live, while they surf the world's lowest cost economies for their benefits. I appreciate this benefits their shareholders, who are usually the same people getting the shaft from region codes and the like. Wouldn't it be better if those same shareholders could see the bigger picture and benefits to everyone of not locking down local markets.

Comment Re: epitome of globalization (Score 1) 141

Near where I live there is a new Mini that parks next to a Volvo, I just had to photograph the comparison: As a lover of the original Mini, it's shocking just how far they have strayed from the template whilst still having the cheek to call it a Mini. BMW missed a trick, they really should have re-launched the Maxi.
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Journal Journal: First thoughts: Star Wars - The Old Republic 6

I wasn't going to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have umpteen other games to play, plus I'm in the process of actually trying to buy a house, sorting out some fairly substantial family issues and having problems with mad neighbours. A new MMO was the last thing I needed. And yet, here I am, with a level 29 Jedi Shadow (tank spec).
United Kingdom

Submission + - Brits Overcharging Gadgets, Wasting Electricity wo (

hypnosec writes: Electricity worth £134million is wasted every year due to overcharging of gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones, a new study has revealed. The study shed light into the fact how 20 percent of householders in the UK leave their mobile phones plugged in even when the battery is full, as they do not wish to run out of battery-life while outdoors. Worse even, 10 percent of the participants in the study admitted that they were simply too lazy to pull the plug despite knowing that it costs them money. The study shows that nine out of every 10 owners keep their devices on permanent charge, unaware of the fact that how damaging it could eventually turn out to be. According to the study, the most overcharged devices are laptop computers, mobile phones as well as iPods.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Discouraging Playstation Vita Details (

itwbennett writes: "Sony's new handheld gaming system, the Playstation Vita, launches in Japan in two weeks, and the latest report from Andriasang has some interesting details, including Sony's decision to go with proprietary memory cards. Sony says this is both for security reasons and to ensure a consistent experience for all users, but that 'doesn't explain why they're charging such enormous sums for these cards,' says blogger Peter Smith. 'The caveat here is that we haven't seen official pricing for the cards, but game retailer Gamestop lists them at $120 (!!) for a 32 GB card, $70 for a 16GB, $45 for 8 GB and $30 for a 4 GB.'"

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