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Submission + - First G-Sync Monitors in The Horizon (

jones_supa writes: NVIDIA's G-Sync is on its way to develop from a concept to real products. The company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced in a presentation at CES that G-Sync capable monitors will be shipping in the second quarter of 2014. Some monitor manufacturers which will release products including G-Sync capabilities are Acer, AOC, ASUS, BenQ, Philips and ViewSonic. G-Sync is a technology which makes the frame rate of a computer display dynamic, thus avoiding the problems of judder and tearing. As GPU support is also required, NVIDIA has published a list of compatible GeForce GPUs already on the market.

Submission + - India successfully GSLV-D5 powered by indigenous cryogenic engine

GingerTea writes: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Jan 5th successfully launched GSLV-D5 which is powered by indigenous cryogenic engine.

"The mission’s success means India now has the ability to put satellites weighing more than two tonnes in orbit, joining the elite club of the U.S., Russia, France, Japan and China who have mastered this perilous technology of using cryogenic propellants — liquid oxygen at minus 183 degrees Celsius and liquid hydrogen at minus 253 degrees’ Celsius."

Submission + - India beats tech denial and sabotage, launches indigenous cryogenic rocket

An anonymous reader writes: India beats tech denial and sabotage, launches indigenous cryogenic rocket

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) today successfully launched its heavy-duty rocket — the Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch vehicle (GSLV). The GSLV5, carrying communication satellite GSAT-14 was launched from Isro’s spaceport at Sriharikota, about 80 km from Chennai.

ISRO had to develop the cryogenic technology from scratch after the United States prevented Russia from transferring the technology to the India in 1993.

Today's successful launch marks the culmination of a 20 year effort to develop the engine.

A key scientist who was involved in the development of the cryogenic engine has accused the CIA of orchestrating the spy scandal that shook the organization in 1994. As a result, ISRO suffered a setback and the development of the engine was delayed by almost a decade.

Submission + - India successfully launches indigenous cryogenic engine-powered sattelite ( 1

vasanth writes: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Sunday successfully launched GSLV-D5 rocket, which is powered by an indigenous cryogenic engine. Seventeen minutes after liftoff at 4.18pm, the rocket successfully injected GSAT-14 communication satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit. This makes India the 6th nation with cutting edge technology to launch geostationary satellites.

Comment Re:Illegal and Invalid (Score 1) 81

if you are of upper caste, in many places you have the simpler option of just killing lower caste to get your way.

Looks like someone time travelled directly from 1930 :-) . Yes i agree that such things happen now also in some parts of India, but they are more of an exception than the norm. Anyways this argument doesn't apply to illegal immigrats.. most of them do not fall under the upper cast -lower cast hierarchy of India

Submission + - Australian business migration to cloud increased due to recent DDoS attacks

Chris Pentago writes: Seems that in the light of recent epic DDoS attacks on major internet institutions web is changing in other, unintended, indirect way. Noticed is a trend of increased migration from low end platforms and web hosts unable to protect themselves (and their clients as well) properly to more secure and protected service providers, namely those providing government could services for businesses and institutions in need of high availability and performance. Australia tries to regulate national internet access, dubbed NBN (National Broadband Network) but time will tell how it'll resist temptations of modern and fast outside-of-NBN threats which are becoming more and more powerful.

Read about recent huge DDoS attacks on Cloudflare's blog, numbers are mind boggling:

Submission + - Oracle Introduces Insane New Java Numbering Scheme ( 1

twofishy writes: "To avoid the confusion caused by renumbering releases", Oracle has announced that it is adopting a new numbering scheme for JDK 5.0, JDK 6 and JDK 7. "The next Limited Update for JDK 7 will be numbered 7u40, and the next 3 CPUs after that will be numbered 7u45, 7u51, and 7u55.” The vendor notes that a more elegant solution would require the changing of the version numbering scheme to accommodate different kinds of changes (for example by using 7u44-2 ). However this cannot be implemented outside of a major release, since doing so might break existing code that parses version strings (possibly including the Java auto-update system)

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