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Comment Bottom line to complainers (Score 1) 142

The bottom line is, it's free, it's an awesome game. If you don't like it, shut up and don't use it. Why waste time battering something no one is FORCING you to use? Did someone say you HAD to use it? You HAD to install it? No? Then shut up. Didn't like it? Uninstall it, and shut up. I do take time to defend it, it's better than running freeware into the ground. Will you donate all your free time and money to the charities the toolbar and such brings in? No? Then you have no room to complain at ALL, so shut up!

Comment Re:Oh wow, it gets worse. (Score 1) 142

Nope, not saying I couldn't do without it either. Do I like them? No. But at least free software has an excuse. Most software isn't a simple app like it used to be where many could write one out in little time and give it away. Many are very complicated now, take a lot of time and yes... $$. Donations are great but they are not dependable. In order to keep free software alive, this may be one of the only ways to do so. So tell me, will you fund all this freeware from YOUR pocket to save us all from toolbar damnation? If so, I will personally begin petitions to remove them.

Comment Re:A Quake clone? (Score 1) 142

I understand but let's face it, if I had nothing to do with anything with shoot, horror, kill, blue, red , green, delicious, free, refreshing, cool, hot, time, babe, spicy, etc.... the list goes on...and on... and on.... so because I have heard these words for 40 years, do I hate everything that is associated with them?

Comment Re:Oh wow, it gets worse. (Score 1) 142

Ok, let's then just talk about the toolbar, there are numerous PAID for software that DO THE SAME THING. Not to mention it's hard to find a freeware that doesn't, they do exist but not many. Norton was one of them that had this even though you pay an arm and a leg for their crap. Comodo has free security software and they are far more sneaky about their ask.com toolbar. So yeah, maybe no one wants it, so don't leave it CHECKED, lol. Did a hand come out of the screen and slap you when you tried to uncheck it, forcing you to leave it? lol.

Comment Re:A Quake clone? (Score 1) 142

It's hard to take seriously because "ARENA" is in the title??? Are you for real?? That's up there with one of the most idiotic reasons I've heard yet! I can't believe how many ppl cut down a free game! You don't have to play it or like it but COME ON! Sheesh! Look at most of the crap you pay for and get crap out of. Although I wonder how many are FANBOYS of other games and\or developers looking to knock Alien Arena out of the way, not all but makes ppl wonder when all the effort to knock out a free game is put forth.

Comment Re:Oh wow, it gets worse. (Score 2, Informative) 142

Tries to install toolbar, wow, I found a way around it! I unchecked the friggin box!! Woohoo! And let me say, if you are having Galaxy issues, look to your router\firewall or your settings. OR even read why some issues may occur. All this crap over a free game, FREE, that you are whining about just shows immature reactions and impatience. And if you'd simply hit esc, you would have gotten into the game very easily. That's why SOME have enough sense to read before jumping into something. Well, most can take some time and have the intelligence to figure things out. Had you played with shape blocks as a toddler, you may have better luck and patience now. For others who read this, trust me, the game is great, especially for FREE. To complain about something that gives you what Alien Arena does, have no patience and make it sound SOOO bad is beyond ridiculous and while everyone has preferences, may not like the game which is fine but going off like you paid for it, lol, childish.

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