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The Military

Submission + - Widow of F-22 fatal crash pilot sues plane makers (

Gimble writes: Flight Global reports that in Nov 2010, Captain Jeff Haney (USAF) was killed in a crash of the F-22 he was flying and his widow is now suing the manufacturers of the plane and the sub-systems implicated in the crash. The USAF Aircraft Accident Investigation Board report found that there was a failure in the bleed-air system that feeds the on-board Oxygen Generation System, but that the

the cause of the mishap was the pilot's failure to recognize and initiate a timely dive recovery due to channelized attention, breakdown of visual scan, and unrecognized spatial disorientation

The board also found that

by preponderance of evidence, organizational training issues, inadvertent operations, personal equipment interference, and controls/switches were factors that substantially contributed to the mishap

Capt. Haney, in accordance with procedures, should have activated the Emergency Oxygen System, but was probably hampered by the Cold Weather gear and Night Vision Goggles he was wearing for the mission. No explanation has been found for the failure of the bleed air system and this seems to be the primary aim of the lawsuit.

Your Rights Online

Submission + - USA Govement seeks extradiotn of UK student for fi

Gimble writes: The BBC reports that UK Richard O'Dwyer will learn of his fate today after the US Government requested his extradition to face charges of running a file sharing site.

O'Dwyer operated the site "TV-Shack" which didn't offer any files itself, but posted links to streams and files hosted elsewhere for 3 years from 2007 until 2010. O'Dwyer was first arrested in June last year by British police acting on information from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The domestic investigation was subsequently dropped, but Mr O’Dwyer was re-arrested in May on an extradition warrant to face charges in America.
The Military

Submission + - Insurgents viewing US drone video feeds (

Gimble writes: Steven Trimble is reporting that although it has been found that insurgents in Iraq have been able to view Predator drone video feeds, the USAF doesn't think this is an issue.

Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, says the hacked videos resulted in no "significant impacts" on operations and tactics and went on to say "What do you mean the 'compromise of the data', nothing is compromised. I want to get information out to the joint forces on the ground, you follow me? If someone does pick [the video feed] up and they don't know the context of how the information is being used, what's the compromise?"

The story originally broke in the Wall Street Journal as a "hack" where the insurgents were using a software package called SkyGrabber to capture the drone video downlink.

Apparently encrypting the downlink seems to escaped the manufacturer and the USAF as a possibility of keeping their tactical info out of the hands of insurgents.

Submission + - What tech tools are in your black bag?

HangingChad writes: Now that my latest gig is winding down, I'm thinking about starting my own PC repair and network support business instead of another managerial position or going back to consulting. I've run my own business before so I'm already familiar with the realities of licensing, insurance and advertising, and I've got enough capital to get started. I'm planning on taking some classes to sharpen my hands-on skills even though I already build my own PC's. I wanted to ask some of the tech types here, what are the essential components of your black bag tool kit? What software tools would you consider essential? What's in your hardware tool bag? And what, if any, spare hardware supplies do you routinely stock (power supplies, spare hard drives and spare memory would seem to be no-brainers)? And what areas of that field are most requested (forensics, data recovery, PC repair, laptop repair)? I'm leaning toward a mobile service model instead of a bench top retail store, so I'll have to carry with me what I need.

It's almost inevitable I end up providing this service for family and friends anyway, I figured it's a good time to consider trying it for a living.

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